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2019, Lesvos, Short Term Missions:

Lesvos, August 2019– Tuesday at the center

Today was our first full day at the center. It was complete with more laundry, the shop, coloring, and a new craft. Today, we made sock puppets with the women and children, complete with yarn hair, google-y eyes, and felt tongues. Once the puppets were done, we had fun with the kiddos by dancing around the center to music. Along with the crafts, lots and lots of nails were painted, from the oldest women to the youngest girls. The back storage area was also completely reorganized and sorted by a team member and an All4Aid worker— the workers barely have time to sort all the donations as they are usually the only ones with the women and children out in the center, so having it organized makes things a lot easier!

This Thursday is a Greek holiday— normally the center would be closed, but the All4Aid workers have decided to open for a special event. They have planned a “princess day” where women can bring one daughter and do some activities together. After the center closed for the day, we sat down with the All4Aid women and brainstormed ideas, assigned jobs, and began making the decorations. This event is meant to encourage moms and daughters to spend quality time together, which makes the fact that our teams is made up of four mother-daughter duos all the more special.

Although our days are filled with art, dancing, and laughter, the stories of the journeys these families have taken to get to Moria brings us to tears. The trials these mothers face to get their children to what they think is a safe place is overwhelming and unthinkable. The fact that we can put a smile on their face for such a short period of time is humbling. As we sat together tonight preparing the crafts for the next day, we were able to share the stories we heard from the women. We also read letters of encouragement from the June Lesvos team and a few members of Calvary staff.

We once again thank you for your faithful prayers. If you would like specific things to pray for, the heat is especially fatiguing, along with the emotional toll that we feel because we cannot even begin to meet the needs of these refugee families. Please pray that we can rest in knowing that we are simply being the hands and feet of God to those we encounter each day.