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2019, Lesvos November:

Lesvos November 2019: Day 3

We had another full, interesting day. The Center seemed more crowded and intense. We were told later this was due to many people receiving transfers to Athens; they were under pressure to get everything in order before their boats left in the afternoon. We’re not sure the conditions will be better in Athens, but it is seen as a step forward in their journey.

In the evenings we eat dinner as a team and discuss moments from the day and questions we have about our experiences. Tonight we shared our evening meal with eight of the workers from All4Aid. We learned the stories of how each person ended up serving on Lesvos. Each story was unique, with a common thread of the Lord’s call and divinely orchestrated opportunities. On bad days, they look back to that call and know this is where they are supposed to be.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrating people who in a quest for freedom traveled treacherous waters by boat then learned how to live in an unknown world. I am fervently praying that someday the refugees who have traveled treacherous waters and passed through Lesvos will be able to look back and say, “This is our Thanksgiving. We survived. We have new lives, safety and freedom.”