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2019, Lesvos November:

Lesvos November 2019: Day 4

Happy Thanksgiving! Today our team is thankful that we were able to assist the Center in providing 85 showers, 36 loads of laundry, and 40 children with schooling! We also provided many women with mediocre manicures and enjoyed creating sunshine craft projects with the kiddos.

For Thanksgiving dinner, our team shared a huge family-style Greek meal at a local restaurant. Tonight, we are especially grateful for the refugee volunteers who assist us in making all of the above activities possible. The Center has roughly 10 young girls and women from Moria camp who volunteer everyday to help the Center run smoothly and to provide translation for those of us who lack the ability to speak Farsi. These women work tirelessly to assure women are cared for at the Center, and then return home to the Camp to cook for and care for their own families. We just think the world of each of them and are so blessed to have met them!

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today, it is easy to see ourselves as blessed in comparison to women in Moria camp. While their dire situation should not be diminished, let us remember that our primary reason for thanksgiving is the work of the Lord in our lives rather than in all of the things we have. Psalm 98