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2019, Lesvos November:

Lesvos November 2019: Day 5

Our last day at the Center.  We were a bit run down, five of six team members battling sickness. But we pushed through knowing this was our last chance to serve the precious women, kids and All4Aid workers.  An electrician was finally able to come today.  It had been scheduled at the beginning of the week, but due to strikes and other delays the service upgrade didn’t happen until today.  This meant canceling some of the day’s previously scheduled laundry appointments and offering fewer showers in order to close the Center early.  (School went on as usual, without electricity, the students don’t even flinch when the lights go out.)  It was hard to face the disappointment of the women and very difficult to explain that the temporary inconvenience would mean better service in the future – more washing machines, consistently hot showers, fewer daily outages.

Fridays are “deep cleaning” days so we stayed longer for a few extra tasks.  Then we debriefed with the leaders.  We were each asked to share a high and a low.  Then we were given guidelines on what to expect and how to process our experiences once we arrive back in the USA.  I was amazed that these workers who pour themselves out daily for the people at the Camp were taking the time to make sure we were ok.  

We have an early morning tomorrow as we fly to Athens, and a day to further process our experiences before the journey home.  And there is much to process.  Lord Jesus thank you for this opportunity to serve in Lesvos.