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2019, Lesvos October:

Lesvos STM, October 17-28, 2019

Our team arrived safely and on time with all of our luggage yesterday (Friday). We made our way to our “home away from home” and after a quick dinner, settled in for some horizontal sleep after roughly 31 hours of travel since leaving our homes in GR. God answered our prayers and yours by bringing us safely here to reach out for Him! Today, Saturday, we were able to visit the All4Aid Centre and see the almost completed addition of the classrooms as they began a long awaited and prayed for ability to teach the refugee children of the camp! We also had the privilege of touring the island for the afternoon. We are looking forward to our time here of being a living testimony to the Greeks, the staff of the Center, the other volunteers, and especially all of the refugees we come in contact with. Thank you for partnering with us and may Jesus be loved and shared through us all.