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Calvary Kids & 56

Calvary Kids & 56 Contacts

Shelly Lamport
Pastoral Staff, Calvary Kids

Don Hancock
Calvary Kids Facilitator

Elizabeth Thelen
Calvary Kids Facilitator

Zach Schmuck
Calvary Kids Facilitator

David Prichard
56 Facilitator

Scott Barry
Children’s Choir Co-Director

Valerie Bierlein
Children’s Choir Co-Director

Kirsten DeMoss
Calvary Kids Ministry Assistant

Wednesday Night Home Edition

Table Talk Questions

  • In what ways have you seen God at work during Lent?
  • Parents:  Use this time to share your testimony with your kids; how you came to faith, how you’ve seen God at work, and what your favorite verses have been throughout your life.
  • What are you excited about for Easter?

Worship Night Video

Lesson (Kids & 56)

Lesson Discussion Questions

  • How does this reading make you feel about all of what God has done for us?
  • Do you understand why He did it and what it means for us because He did?
  • What can we do to honor God because of all that He did for us?
  • Have you ever asked Christ to come into your life and be the leader and your best friend?
  • What makes you excited about Easter now that you’ve heard this full story?

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