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Calvary Kids & 56

Calvary Kids & 56 Contacts

Shelly Lamport
Pastoral Staff, Calvary Kids

Don Hancock
Calvary Kids Facilitator

Zach Schmuck
Calvary Kids Facilitator

David Prichard
56 Facilitator

Scott Barry
Children’s Choir Co-Director

Valerie Bierlein
Children’s Choir Co-Director

Kirsten DeMoss
Calvary Kids Ministry Assistant

Wednesday Night Home Edition

Virtual KNA! Children Kindergarten through 4th grade are invited to join us online Wednesday evenings for Kids-N-Action at Home Edition! It is our desire that children understand what God says in the Bible, believe it, and put it into action in their daily lives. KNA at Home Edition is designed to accommodate at home learning through weekly videos and activities as we learn to put our faith into action!

Register today on MyCalvary!

Calvary Kids YouTube:

Visit and subscribe to the Calvary Kids YouTube channel to watch all our videos and look for bonus footage!