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Missions Prayer Requests

Missions & Outreach Contacts

Celeste McDonough

Celeste McDonough
Team Leader, Mercy & Missions

Natalie Uecker

Natalie Uecker
Assistant Director, Missions & Outreach

Emily Franklund

Emily Franklund
Ministry Assistant, Missions & Outreach

Courtney Hoekwater
Ministry Assistant, Mercy & Missions

Requests Received in February 2020


Dave & Laura – Secure

  • Praise that the plane finally arrived from America in a shipping container. This was a four year process to acquire, 40 days at sea, held up in customs, and now here!
  • Pray as they reassemble it, do all the paperwork for it, and that it will be used by God across all of West Africa.

Jeremy & Joy – Secure

  • Pray for wisdom in raising their three children in this nomadic way of life.
  • For the team to stay healthy, unified, and equipped as they head out for longer camping trips.
  • For balance in team life, ministry life, family life, and homeschooling.
  • For access into new nomad camps.


Keith & Grace – Secure

  • Pray for power at a conference that they’re attending, and that God would meet them with refreshment and vision.
  • Praise that by the end of the year, the NOBO team will be done with all four books of the NT!

Marlene – Papua New Guinea

  • Made it back with all eight bags! She thought she’d be taking twelve instruments back, but she has twenty-one.
  • Praising God that they are giving her a bigger room, which she had prayed for. She now needs to raise money for sound proofing the room.
  • Continue to pray as she’s gearing up for Port Moresby Music and Arts Theater performance of Flynn.
  • Praise as she is also getting back to doing Bible studies with her PNG girls!

Tanner & Kelsey – Secure

  • Praise for the healing of Kelsey after her gallbladder surgery. Having Tanner’s mom, Julie, was a great blessing.
  • Pray that God would add more English students to the class.
  • Pray for Tanner as he is taking over the leadership of the Center while the leaders get away for a month.
  • Pray for their teammates who are joining them.
  • Pray for the people Tanner and Kelsey are working with: one is about to give birth, and the other has cancer.


Denise – Ukraine

  • She came back to the states to help move her dad into assisted living in Dec.
  • Praise as they have purchased land to build a new church.
  • Continue to pray for the organizing of youth activities, floorball, Bible studies, coffee house, etc.
  • Pray for young moms to come to Jesus and to grow in faith.
  • Praise that Denise has been serving in the Ukraine now for twenty-four years.

JP & Stephanie – France

  • They were given the opportunity to do an Alpha course in the Catholic church, and have been asked to do it again!
  • They’ve been leading worship in the Catholic Church in the evenings once a month, along with a sermon that presents the gospel to those who’ve never heard!
  • As some accept, pray for their growth, especially as JP and Stephanie are looking to return on furlough soon.
  • Pray for the church there to have wisdom on decisions for their vision, statement, and call!

Joanna – Russia

  • Continued wisdom for how to answer students’ spiritual questions.
  • For a new school building by June!
  • For the children who heard about Jesus at the winter camp to accept Christ and to grow in their faith.
  • Continue to pray for a former student who accepted Jesus before returning home to an unbelieving family.

Jonathan & Becky – Ireland

  • Jonathan is teaching many seminars, speaking at conferences and churches, and editing online OT courses. Pray for his schedule and the family.
  • Praise that funds were raised to allow them to stay in Ireland!
  • Continue to pray for Ireland’s people to come to faith.
  • For more workers to go into the harvest field, for IBI to mold students to go into the world with the gospel!

The Americas

Andy & Kathleen – Guyana

  • Since Christmas, already two teams from MI have come and gone to help with the building project.
  • Praise God for the safety of travel and work, even in the hot humidity.
  • So much was accomplished that it may be completed ahead of schedule!

Frank & Judy – Brazil

  • Pray for their hearts as being on the field for so many years, they have had to sacrifice by only being grandparents via social media.
  • They dedicated this last newsletter to their 6 grandchildren, since their ministry has always been to youth.
  • Pray for their grandchildren who range in ages from 10-24 years old, to know and have a growing relationship with the Lord.

Jon & Kris – USA Immigrants

  • The believers in East Asia are being faithful to proclaim Christ, even when beaten, expelled, and persecuted! Pray for them.
  • Jon is taking a team with him in March to reach out to these people.
  • Pray for extra funds needed for this trip, for safety, and for fourth soil believers to be found!

Manuel & Lidia – Mexico

  • Praise as Christmas brought many to church who have never heard the gospel. Continue to pray that God would work to bring them to Himself!
  • Twenty children are coming to Bible studies that are held outside, unless there is rain.
  • Pedro, one of the believers, is sick with leukemia and too poor to pay for treatment. They are doing all they can to help him. – As of 2/18/2020, Pray for Pedro’s family as he has passed away. Praise God for Pedro’s testimony as a believer for three years.
  • Three families from MI are coming to build a sports court that they are raising money for. Pray for the funds to come before they do.

Mike & Cher – Bolivia

  • Praise for their new grand baby born Jan. 7th, with Cher able to be there to help.
  • Unexpectedly being with family for the holidays was a delight. Now visiting supporting churches
  • Praise that the Ese Ejja in the Eyiyoquibo village have built a church.
  • Pray for a two year Bible Institute is starting the Riberalta village.
  • Pray for the workers while Mike & Cher are gone.
  • Pray for Mike’s widowed sister-in-law, suffering with aggressive cancer.


David & Flora

  • Praise that the goal of raising $400,000 for the transmitter was raised by a Moody radio announcement!
  • Continued protection over the recently installed transmitter reaching West Africa. Pray that many will be brought healing, hope, and salvation.
  • Pray to have our hearts opened to the people around us.
  • David has an eye condition, causing him to ask for vision physically and spiritually in 2020.