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Missions & Outreach

Missions & Outreach Contacts

Celeste McDonough

Celeste McDonough
Team Leader, Mercy & Missions

Natalie Uecker

Natalie Uecker
Assistant Director, Missions & Outreach

Emily Franklund

Emily Franklund
Ministry Assistant, Missions & Outreach

Courtney Hoekwater
Ministry Assistant, Mercy & Missions


Dan & Teresa – Secure

  • Pray for teammates that are in areas of fighting. Some have seen bullets pierce their homes!
  • Pray as there is another team that is also in an area of unrest where fighting is breaking out!
  • Teresa is fitting 12 weeks of English Theology classes into 6 weeks.
  • They have 30 projects in 18 locations, including Ebola prevention!
  • Dan’s mom had a small stroke, and Teresa’s mom is not in good health.

Jason & Jamie – Secure

  • Pray for the lady Jamie meets with who is close to accepting Jesus!
  • This woman’s sister remembered from before Jason & Jamie left, how to rehydrate. Praise that she has helped many people in her village who suffered from diarrhea.
  • Jason is once again going to different villages to train them in health and salvation. Pray some become disciples.


Keith & Grace McCune – Philippines

  • Praising God for breakthroughs in Bible translation for the Hanuno-o language!
  • Grace & team also made progress on putting together notes from others & adding footnotes.
  • Keith was working on a different translation, and was obtaining success.
  • Pray that God will continually give them clarity to translate His word in life changing ways!

Marlene Schutter  – Papua New Guinea

  • Her students will perform as the governor comes down the street on Independence Day.
  • Pray that as she teaches, she has opportunity to share Christ.
  • She will come to the states for one month, but needs a car!


JP & Stephanie – France

  • School has started! The children are well. And Stephanie is leading the children’s ministry at 2 churches!
  • JP continues to lead a number of small groups, and disciple those who come to the church music studio.
  • JP uses his music to go into bars and restaurants to share his faith story, and reach those who would not ever go to church.

Joanna Mangione – Russia

  • She has 43 students from America, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Korea, Japan, and India. Not all speak English. She teaches 6-12th grade English, Drama, & substitutes for 4th grade.
  • She is also part of the “Spiritual Life” committee. Last week they had their 1st retreat.
  • She has had constant opportunities to share Jesus. Pray for open hearts!
  • Praise for her new Passport, hopefully making her new visa easier to obtain.

Roy & Jennifer Nagelkirk – France

  • Having French citizenship now means that they will never be refused to return to France!
  • Pray for wise and creative ways for them to reach the refugees.
  • Pray for the MBB’s who are the only believers in their families.

Dwight & Melissa Poggemiler – Romania

  • They are traveling a lot this autumn for training and discipleship. Pray they are used powerfully to advance the gospel.
  • Pray for their 4 children as they learn the Romanian language and continue school.
  • Pray that those who accepted Jesus this summer, would grow in their faith.

Jonathan & Becky Schuster – Ireland

  • Jonathan has graduated from his doctorate!!!
  • Pray for IBI’s (Ireland Bible Institute) enrollment this year. School has started, but 75% of students apply after the start.
  • Praise for an American donor giving an entire theology library to IBI!
  • Their son graduated from Liberty University with his BA

Latin America

Andy & Girwarnauth – Guyana

  • The Alness church project should be done, and used for worship now. Praises!
  • Praise for all the support they continue to have after all these years

Mike & Cher Riepma – Bolivia

  • Mike is doing better with his gastritis, after going to a different city for new meds.
  • Cher wrote the national anthem in Esa Ejja, and they videoed it so it could be done each year.
  • A couple of believers from Las Amalias came to say they need Bibles because everyone in their village want to follow Jesus! Pray for Walter, who leads them.
  • A man and a couple, who had backslidden, have said they want to get right with the Lord! Please pray as they walk through this journey!
  • Mike sister-in-law is diagnosed with cancer. Pray for healing!

North America

Peggy Arendt – USA

  • She got to go to Cuba to teach English classes. Half of the students were unbelievers.
  • She will be bringing a team back in 2020
  • She will add a day for Cuban Christian English teachers to invite their colleagues to a day of professional training. 

Linda Crouch – USA

  • June 25th, she retired from 40 years of mission work!
  • Even though she has officially retired, she’s not stopped doing God’s work, and visited her friends in Nigeria in July!
  • She will also continue to volunteer at SIM headquarters.

Shalom & Sheri Lazarus – USA

  • Shalom is visiting his family in India for 3 weeks.
  • Pray for Sheri and Eliana, with all of Sheri’s health issues, while Shalom is gone.
  • Pray for unity when Shalom is in India, for Sheri while she’s back in Colorado, and for all their supporters.
  • Eliana turned 5 years old.

Jon & Kris – USA

  • Jon continues to lead several groups from different churches to learn how to share the gospel, and then go out into the “fields that are ripe for harvest”!
  • He is always open to do more training, and to have folks join him in going out.
  • Pray, as their son decides where to go on for college after he graduates. Also for them to find a home to own.
  • In November, he will return to Bangladesh and the Rohingya people to evangelize.