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Missions Prayer Requests

Missions & Outreach Contacts

Celeste McDonough

Celeste McDonough
Team Leader, Mercy & Missions

Natalie Uecker

Natalie Uecker
Assistant Director, Missions & Outreach

Emily Franklund

Emily Franklund
Ministry Assistant, Missions & Outreach

Courtney Hoekwater
Ministry Assistant, Mercy & Missions

Requests Received in January 2020


Dan & Teresa – Secure

  • As they head back to Africa, pray for their adult kids.
  • They will be busy ministering to street children and teaching them agriculture.
  • An orphan care facility serving 914 children has been asked to move and needs to raise funds for another facility. Pray God provides!


Keith & Grace – Secure

  • Keith has just finished the translation of Philippians, called the “letter of joy”, causing him to be grateful!
  • He and Grace have been doing this work for thirty-three years now.


  • Made it back with all eight bags! She thought she’d be taking twelve instruments back, but she ended up with twenty-one.
  • Praising God that they are giving her a bigger room, which she had prayed for. She needs to raise money for sound proofing the room.
  • Gearing up for Port Moresby Music and Arts Theater performance of Flynn.
  • Also getting back to Bible studies with her PNG girls.

Jake & Sara – Indonesia

  • Jake had to go to Singapore for emergency surgery on his throat, but has arrived home to heal.
  • Pray for Sara’s students, some who come from affluent families, to come to faith and influence their people for the kingdom.

Tanner & Kelsey – Secure

  • Tanner’s mom has arrived to help with the children while Kelsey went through gallbladder surgery in their country.
  • They were able to reach out to the people around who didn’t understand the celebration of Christmas. Pray as they continue to reach out and share Jesus.


Mark & Kris – Southern Europe

  • They are moving back to Europe! Stationed in Germany, they will care for workers throughout southern Europe.
  • Moving in July of 2020, but traveling to meet partners before they leave.
  • They will homeschool their two youngest because of all the travel.
  • Pray for Mark’s replacement, a good transition, and the sell of their home, a new apartment in Germany, and new support partners.

Joanna – Russia

  • The school needs to find a new building for next year!
  • A student accepted Jesus last semester, but moved back to Korea with his unsaved family. Pray he clings to his new found faith and grows in it!
  • Pray for another student who is struggling to know God’s love and feels unworthy.
  • The camp she did with church over Christmas reached out to those who’d never heard the gospel. Pray for them to receive what they heard.

Dwight & Melissa – Romania

  • For the family to seek and serve the Lord in 2020!
  • For Romanian teammates to be used powerfully throughout Romania and Europe!
  • For prepared hearts to hear the gospel and be transformed!
  • For continued financial support to accomplish God’s work!

Latin America

Andy & Carmen – Honduras

  • They just finished another successful Awana program.
  • The “CAFFIN” house has been offering medical, dental, and education for a year now, with many encouraging testimonies of changed lives!
  • The One Egg program continues to reach out to the poor in their community, opening doors for the gospel.
  • Their three boys are growing and doing well with the oldest at Cornerstone.

Andy & Kathleen – Guyana

  • They just had the Day of Prayer & Planning that included several pastors.
  • Alness church plant/camp project is moving forward in February. Pray for further funds to complete this project in time for the March Dental Team’s arrival.
  • The Final Revelation TV program, the Berbice Bible Institute, and Solid Rock Seminary continues to need your prayers, as they are vital for getting the word out.

 Mike & Cher – Bolivia

  • Since Mike & Cher had to leave the country, pray for the church leaders to be refreshed and renewed by the Word for the spiritual battles and political unrest they face.
  • Pray for Bolivia and the church leaders there to grow in faith.

Frank & Judy – Brazil

  • Their son and grandson are exhibiting stable health now and are going to Thailand (which is expensive) to receive treatment and testing.
  • Pray as Judy travels to several countries in South America sharing her book, “The 4 Points of the Cross”, clarifying what the gospel is.

North America

Peggy – USA Immigrants

  • She is now engaged to Ron, a Communication Studies professor at Whitworth University in Spokane. They will be married in March.
  • Went to Cuba to do one week of English training at the end of January.
  • She will be changing ministries to work with refugees in Spokane after the Cuba trip.

Tom & Karen – Canada

  • As they reach out to the “First Nations” people, who were here first, they notice how they are treated like the foreigner.
  • One weekend a month, they have been trusted by the Canadian government to help a single mom with her 4, 5, and 7 year old children.
  • Standing firm in their faith has been seen by the outside world. So they continue to stand.

David & Flora – Serving Globally

  • David has an eye condition, causing him to ask for vision physically and spiritually in 2020!
  • The goal of raising $400,000 for the transmitter was raised by a Moody radio announcement
  • Pray over this project to reach Africa.

 Jon & Kris – USA Immigrants

  • Praising God that Kris is pain free and helping in the work to M*slm women alongside Jon.
  • Pray these women come to faith and that the church is moved to further outreach among them.
  • Pray for a home, possibly in the Detroit area where many unreached immigrants reside, for them to settle.
  • Going back to South East Asia in March with five others! PRAY!
  • Pray for a guru in that country who has accepted Jesus and has been baptized. He has thousands of followers!