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Weekly Focus:

Missions Movie Nights Start February 7

Take a break from the chilly weather that can’t seem to make up its mind – only in Michigan! Missions & Outreach has lined up a few fantastic movies for you to come and enjoy on Fridays, this February. 

Imagine yourself and few of your friends… or your small group… or your neighbors (you get the picture), sitting down in the Gathering Place eating popcorn and enjoying a Friday night movie together. These movies were picked to inspire and motivate you. The roster includes War Room, Mully, Overcomer, and Breakthrough.

On Friday, February 7 from 6:30pm-8:30pm we will be showing the movie War Room. This inspiring movie explores the power of prayer through the story of a troubled marriage and family. It is rated PG.

The cost of admission is one hygiene item to donate to Calvary Care. If you forget, we will still let you in. It’s more about the fellowship of helping people than conformity to the donation! We would really appreciate it if you would sign up for the movies; it will help us know how many snacks to have on hand.Sign up at, under registration. 

Lastly, here’s a special shout-out to our introverts… one of the really cool things about the Gathering Place is that it is such a large space you can almost have a table to yourself to relax and enjoy the movie in your own quiet contemplation. You won’t have to chat with anyone else – although I might pop over to your table to say hello.

– Natalie Uecker, Assistant Director, Missions & Outreach

P.S. If you want a reminder or something cool to hand to your invitees, come to the Connection Point Sunday after the service and pick up a GOLDEN TICKET. These golden tickets have a small bio about the movie and all the details of what, where, when and which entrance (always important information at Calvary) you need to arrive at. Come and get ‘em!