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Day 1, how does one even grasp the concept of refugee life? Seeing it, touching it, walking in it’s midst, is only a glimpse of the complete and utter despair of those caught in this ongoing crises! Today we touched it with the hands of Jesus and we walked it in his sandals. We offered a hand and loved in his name both in the Center and in the incredibly overpopulated camp they call Moria. The women came to the center after being closed for a week (to prepare the classrooms). Many came, so very happy to have it open again. The children came to the first day of school. Three hours in the morning for the younger ones and four hours in the afternoon for the older ones. The children came happy! Us guys worked in the camp and interacted with many, each smiling and happy to shake our hand, thankful we are there! Do you get the theme here, despite all, we were greeted with smiles and hope in humanity. And for our refugee friends, a recognition of the good in a Christians heart. There are people who care! We are the church, the body of Christ, and today as well as each day of this week, we have the privilege of showing Jesus to a very large group of unbelieving Muslims. Today was an incredible day of Grace!