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2019, Lesvos October:

October 22, 2019

Day 2 has come to a close as I write this! It was another full day. The boys, Bill, Bob & Marv, reported to camp Moria and volunteered to help in the EuroRelief warehouse. There, we prepared clothing packs for new arrivals to the camp. These packs are put up by size, age, & gender. It was a privilege to pray over each pack and ask God to touch the life that would be receiving the clothes and draw them to himself as they journey the refugee path! We also helped reorganize and inspect a large amount of used tents to see if they could be handed out in the future!

Dawn and Phyllis enjoyed another day in the center ministering to the ladies and their children. The school was in operation for its second day and everyone came back and was extremely excited. In the morning the class is for 20 5-7 year olds that are extremely attentive as Laura walks them through their lessons! I think the kids are in awe of someone who would take the time to teach them and cultivate their very young minds.. this is repeated with the same results of 8-12 year olds in the afternoon! The entire class experience is dual fold 1). to the children but also 2). to the parents because of their required involvement and opportunity to follow up in their own personal living place!

I am in continued amazement at Gods work of grace and how He pulls all the pieces together. We get to watch it all unfold as he uses his church to reach those He has called.