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2019, Lesvos October:

October 23,2019

Today was a hard day! Today was an up close and  personal look into the reality of the life of a refugee family. Moria camp has burst its borders and spills out into the olive groves on the accompanying hillsides. What was built to house 2500 now overflows with 15,000 people. Families of 4-6 making due in a 4 person tent! We took census today and mapped out sections of the hillside to provide some level of mapping for where people are! We met several families, husbands and wives, children all with smiling faces, eager to welcome you into their tent and share some tea or roasted bread, the little they had, with you! Would I do the same if the shoe were on the other foot? These people have nothing, they left it all behind in exchange for safety and freedom. We serve an awesome God and we serve others as well because He told us too! Our efforts are for Jesus, hoping that by helping and walking these olive groves, he is glorified. We pray and walk, looking deep into each refugees eyes, asking Jesus to touch lives, soften hearts, and through visions and dreams, cause the reality of his love to overwhelm them. We serve for Jesus, we walk for Jesus, we shake a hand for Jesus, we bring hope into desperate lives by meeting people where they are!