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Weekly Focus:

Security Update from Calvary Church

Recently we have seen an increase in bad actors posing as Calvary staff members, including Senior Pastor Jim Samra and Lead Pastor Tom Olsson, over email. Please beware of this activity and never click on suspicious links or attachments. In addition, please know that our ministers, including Jim and Tom, will never ask you for cash, gift cards, checks, wire transfers, etc. over email. 

If you have recently received an email that you believe may be fraudulent, please forward it to

We recognize that you have put your trust in our organization and we take that responsibility seriously. We continue to examine our security measures in an effort to limit fraudulent activity. One of the best ways that you can combat theft is to remain educated (more information here) on the risk.

Should you find that you have fallen victim to a scam of this kind, done in the name of a Calvary staff member, we are very sorry. Please know that while you were dealing with a bad actor engaged in fraud, the Lord sees your heart and counts this as an offering given out of faith.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help.

– Please note that this issue has nothing do with MyCalvary and our online giving platform.