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2018, Greece, Short Term Missions:

Time Flies! Travel Updates – Greece 2018

Hey everybody!

I am beginning this post in the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, but will likely finish somewhere else! It is currently 8:37 in the morning, but at home, it is 3:37… Needless to say, we’re all feeling a little strange and sleep deprived. So far, things are running as smoothly as can be expected. We made it to Detroit on time, we each had TSA Pre-Check (praise Jesus!), and our first flight had only minor turbulence! Our next flight will take us to Athens, where we will have a 7(!) hour layover before our quick hop over to Lesvos. We are expected to land in Lesvos around 10 pm local time. At this point, continue to pray for safe and on-time flights and endurance as we adjust to the time zone and continue forward as planned!

Thank you to all those praying for us, we can see God working in the details!

Until later!

-Taylor, Courtney, and Dawn


Update: It is now 7:30 pm local time. We made it to Athens! We just had dinner and now are waiting to board our last flight!!! Unfortunately, where my first update was happy and uneventful… This update brings some challenges. Since writing this morning, we have all gotten sick in some form. One member of our little team was throwing up, one nearly passed out on our flight from Frankfurt to Athens, and the third member of our team has been struggling with dizziness and nausea since early this morning. While sitting in the airport in Frankfurt this morning, we actually booked a day room at the hotel across the street from the Athens airport so that we could get a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep. Thankfully, we are all feeling better but please add improved health to the list of prayer requests! We are all hoping that we have put the worst behind us!

Next stop — Lesvos!