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2019, Lesvos September:

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

We walk to another day of wonderful weather! We had an 8:15am start at the center with staff devotions and then assignments.

Angela and two staff personnel manned the showers; Calling out the number for the next in line, handing a small cup of shampoo to each person, and pushing the button for 7 minutes of hot water. (Several pauses in this process needed to wait for water to heat.) Approximately 100 showers take today!

Lana started out in the laundry room. If you came to the center today you would have opportunity to do 3 loads on Oct 21. Yup, appointments are 3 weeks out at this point for use of their 8 washing machines.

Julie, Amy, and Laurie interacted with the women and children in a variety of ways. We made puzzles, colored, polished nails, cooed at babies, batted beach balls around and did crafts – Julie was mobbed when she started handing out supplies for “God’s eyes” and 50 women were glad to walk out sporting button bracelets! Laurie enjoyed learning to make an origami tulip from a hajib covered 13 yr old.

It was good to move their minds from camp conditions, the recent fires and tragic deaths, and resulting protests. Though language is an issue, we are grateful for this time to love these gals and their kids. Thanks to all who are praying for them and us daily.