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Ukraine Crisis Response


Vida Wilson
Associate Director, Mercy & Outreach

Chris Snedeker
Jerusalem Project Administrator

How to Give

  • Online: at Enter the amount you’d like to give next to “Ukraine Crisis Relief.”
  • Text: Text the word “Ukraine” and the dollar amount of your gift to 616-294-0700. If it’s your first time, you will be prompted to click a link to a secure giving page to register.
  • In-Person: Drop your cash or check, with “Ukraine” noted on it, in the offering boxes at the back of the Sanctuary. Or send it by mail to: Calvary Church, PO Box 1600, Grand Rapids MI 49501.

Additional Opportunities

  • Find regular updates on Calvary-supported projects through All4Aid here.

Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Due to the great need in the region Calvary has created the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. These funds will be used by Mercy and Missions and the Jerusalem Project to enable the church and our mission partners to minister in Jesus’ name to those affected by the war. Through your generosity, we will be able to provide supplies to churches in Ukraine that are serving people in need, as well as mission partners and churches in neighboring countries that are caring for the refugees pouring over the borders.

The Impact of Your Support

Member of Bucha Church delivering food and bibles to those in the community.
From our partners at CPTI.
Over 14,500 food packages are being distributed by CPTI on a weekly basis.
From our partners at CPTI.
First Baptist Church Lodz, Poland - Loading up supplies funded by Calvary to drive to the Ukraine border
Family receives food aid from missionary Denise Carter’s church in Petrovka
Pray for these men from Almaz Church, Kyiv, Ukraine who are sheltering together in the church and taking part in protecting the city.
"Churches are jam packed in many places. Repentances to Christ are abundant and routine", says CPTI.

Updates & Prayer Requests

August 10, 2022 | Our partner, Rich, with Church Planters Training recently sent us an update. Please take a moment to read how your support is blessing their work in this crisis and continue to pray for him and his team.


Donbas (a region in eastern Ukraine) has been a war zone since 2014. 

But now with increased combat forces on both sides- offensives and counter-offensives, the remaining civilian population is now in the crosshairs of the opposing forces. They have been asked by the Ukraine government to completely evacuate giving them freedom to counterattack the Russian forces.

Our partner, Vlad M who has visited Donbas weekly for the last 8 years, asked for funds for a larger vehicle to take more aid there and evacuate more.

We are wiring him $25,000.00 this week to meet that need.

I thank God that you have given us the ability to meet such life-saving needs with the Word and Deed. PRAY FOR VLAD AND HIS TEAM AS THEY GO IN AND OUT OF DONBAS.





July 8, 2022 | Next week we will be helping to send a group of four people, including Amy Richey, who many of you know as one of Calvary’s missionary partners, into a couple of sensitive areas near the crisis in Ukraine. The purpose of this trip is to provide spiritual and tangible support to fellow believers on the ground in these areas.

They will have an opportunity to visit churches and ministry leaders who have been tirelessly working to protect and cover their communities for over three months now. Fatigue and doubt can creep in during these times, so what a blessing it is to have trusted friends and family in Christ present to uplift those who are weary and in a time of great need.

Please pray for the team as they travel – for safety, good health, good communication, humble hearts, and that they know God’s presence as they go.


July 1, 2022 | Did you know that the Ukraine Crisis Committee has distributed $142,035.16 from the Relief Fund and $95,000 from other special funds? What a blessing. With your generous giving, there is $104,515.65 remaining in the Relief Fund and we continue to work with local partners to support ongoing efforts to care for people affected by the war.

Please continue to pray, specifically, we ask that you would:

  • Pray for perseverance and protection for our partners.
  • Pray for those who have come to faith during this crisis, that they would receive the discipleship and community they need.
  • Pray that the war would end and that God would press on the powers that be to pursue resolution and peace.
  • Pray for wisdom as we continue to ask the Lord how to serve and disperse funds according to his will.


June 21, 2022 | Our partner in supporting believers on the ground in Ukraine, Rich Correll of Church Planters Training, reminded us that, “The war does not and cannot stop the work of Jesus Christ. He will complete His work of gathering the saints for their reunion with Him.”

Praise God that even in the darkest of storms where hope may seem lost, there is nothing that can thwart God’s plan or keep his hand from moving powerfully.

Rich shared that their missionary network, GENERATIONS, which is made up of many Ukrainians who have become refugees on journies to discover a new place to call home, are still doing what they have been called to do – evangelizing, starting Bible studies, assisting those in need, beginning new churches reaching many who have also been displaced.  In fact, they recently reported 1,268 people who have made a choice to follow Christ so far this month!

“In spite of having one’s life turned totally upside down”, shared Rich, “there is satisfaction and even joy that [our missionaries] can still be used for His glory, regardless of the chaos of this new life in new places.”

This week, please lift up the GENERATIONS missionary network. Pray for their protection, their perseverance, and that the Lord would multiple the work of their hands.


June 6, 2022 | God works in unexpected ways to call and to save the lost. Our friends at Almaz Church in Kyiv recently shared a story of a volunteer named Tania, who came to their church in March looking to join their evacuation ministry.

“She contacted us and we gladly joined her on our team. She was helping in our cafe, making sure that our men, who are involved in the evacuation, are always fed. When she came to our shelter for the first time she knew nothing about Christ. She was an unbeliever who came to the church for the first time in her life. She soon began talking with our team, attending our Bible meetings, came to know Christ, and decided to follow Him.”

Click here to watch a sweet video of Tania’s testimony.

May 19, 2022 | Galatians 6:2, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” This is our calling and we continue to thank all of you for praying for our brothers and sisters on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding countries who are on the frontlines during this ongoing crisis.

We have shared updates from various partners over several weeks, here is a focused list of some of the projects we have been able to support through our Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund:

  • Almaz Church in Kyiv as leaders have sheltered in place to protect the city and continue worship amid the chaos, assisted in clearing rubble in liberated territories, and worked to evacuate people from dangerous areas. Check out this infogaphic detailing the impacts of donations that have been received.
  • All4Aid as they have built and sustain temporary refugee housing in Romania, beautifully named, the House of Grace, the House of Hope, and the House of Peace. Like and follow their Facebook page for regular updates.
  • Denise Carter, one of Calvary’s long-time supported missionaries who is currently serving in the Odessa region providing care packages, offering spiritual support and guidance during this traumatic experience, an helping worship services to continue in efforts to stay focused on the Lord.
  • Lodz Baptist Church in Poland as they purchase and transport food and other essential supplies to Ukrainian refugees.
  • SEND International as they send funds to Kremenchuk Evangelical Seminary, one of the oldest and largest seminaries in Ukraine. This school is still operating as a seminary while transporting, feeding, housing, and comforting refugees in the name of Christ.
  • Rich Correll of Church Planters Training, Intl, a Calvary member who has been involved in ministry in Ukraine for many years. He has been on the ground and helped to support Ukrainian pastors running shuttle services for people fleeing Kyiv, providing countless meals, and medical supplies, along with rebuilding efforts. An in-depth report on CPTI’s work can be found here.

We continue to pray, continue to provide support and continue to keep our eyes on the Lord as we wait expectantly for an end to this war.


May 12, 2022 | Dear Friends, Are still with us?” starts a recent letter from our brother in Christ and partner that you are helping to support in Poland. “Yes, we are still here, with you brother“, is our response. His question is not a reflection of the support of Calvary Church, but a question likely reflected in the hearts and minds of those in Ukraine still facing dire straits, as the world continues to move forward.

In such a time as this, it’s hard to know what to do. When you have given money, prayed, and reached out to those who know you are directly impacted.  2 Thessalonians 3:13 says, “As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. So, don’t lose heart, don’t give in or give up, don’t grow weary or be fainthearted. Pray, do good to others, and focus on the future – the eternal destination of your soul.”

So we tell our dear brother and ask you to not lose heart. Do not grow weary in prayer. Please continue to lift up our partners and pray this verse over them. That they may be filled with the strength of Christ to endure.

The full letter from Pastor Wakula reads:

Dear Friends,

Are you still with us? I know, after two and half months of ongoing war everyone is tired, and more and more people are losing high interest in knowing what’s new out there. On one hand – nothing new – war is still taking the lives of many people, nothing new we still are directly and deeply engaged in helping Ukrainian refugees with our humanitarian relief efforts. Hundreds of thousands of them are here – in Poland, in our city, and in our churches. This is making an impact on our daily life, on our ministry, and on how we think about the future. What future is there ahead of us? No one knows! So…not knowing what will come, we continue to do what we are called to do – love and care. In our last report, we shared our project of remodeling some of our facilities for long-term housing for refugees. This is our main way to help them to provide a home. But more and more we collect, buy and send help to our partnering churches in Ukraine. We continue driving every week with several cars to the Ukrainian border, or even into Ukraine direct to deliver our humanitarian help. The needs are growing – since the situation is getting worst and worst over there. So, please don’t abandon us, keep praying. Keep walking with us the extra mile…there will be many of them. We are with them, be with us!!! We are all aware this will be a very long run. We need each other, they need us and our help!

Thank you for holding on and standing with [us].

Please see some new pictures of our help transports delivered to Ukrainian friends.

On behalf of Lodz Baptist Church

Pastor Leszek Wakula



April 27, 2022 | This week we have some challenging updates from Calvary supported missionaries in Israel and an encouraging infographic below of ways in which financial support of Almaz Church in Ukraine has helped save lives.

Please read the update from our missionaries and pray for the ways in which this war has complicated their desire to love and serve their congregation:

“…the enemy is also using this war to wreak havoc on the church of Christ. Russian speaking congregations throughout the world have been split or lost members over different views of the war, with some believers refusing to fellowship or take communion with other Christians. In one congregation in the land, all the Russian speakers stopped coming because people prayed for Ukraine.

Our congregation has done well during the pandemic and shutdowns, but now we face a unique challenge. The services [have translation] into Russian for the many Russian speakers who are part of the congregation. Like most congregations in the land and abroad which have both Ukrainian and Russian believers the war in Ukraine is creating tension among the believers. Believers have different views of the war, depending on nationality and which news sources people listen to.

As you can imagine, the images on the news and reports from relatives in Ukraine who are suffering makes it more and more difficult to understand those who only watch, listen to and  believe the state controlled news from Russia. Please pray for patience and understanding in dealing with those who are being deceived and that God would open their eyes to see what is really happening. Above all that God would give grace to those who are in shock and pain seeing images and hearing reports of the atrocities in their homeland to have patience with those who don’t see, and to be enabled by the Spirit ‘to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace’ for God’s glory.”

We give thanks with the Almaz church for all the ways in which God has used financial support of their efforts to recuse those in desperate need:

April 21, 2022 | This week we have updates from three of our partners working closely with the crisis in Ukraine. Rich from CPTI and Marv and Dawn, beloved Calvary members working with All4Aid. We thank you for your continued prayers and ask that you keep lifting them up.

Rich shared:


For the last 6 weeks, I have told you about the heroic, non stop efforts of our partners. But in truth, I had no idea of the magnitude of their work.

Here are a few of the results:





Marv and Dawn shared:


Recently as I drove the streets of Bucharest and worked side by side with my colleagues at All4Aid as well as many other brothers and sisters in Jesus, I was struck with the words of Jesus to Judas as Mary anointed Jesus feet with expensive perfume; “you will always have the poor among you”! Having spent the last 7 years involved with refugees and their plight all over the world, my mind took these words and added, “you will always have refugees among you”! I came to this conclusion in light of the poor state refuges find themselves, having left all behind and the world situation of continuous “wars and rumors of wars”. 


As one looks at the words of Jesus in this context of the words God gave to the Israelites in Duet. 15:11, the responsibility to the ever-present poor/refugee amongst  us falls on the body of Christ; “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore, I command you to be OPENHANDED toward your fellow Israelites which are  poor and needy in your land”. My apologies if I have taken some liberties with the actual application of these words, but nonetheless, these are the thoughts God laid on my heart as I reviewed these verses. As I meditated on these words, my heart is overwhelmed and filled with joy at the openhanded response and depth of generosity Calvary Church has provided in their quick response to the poor/refuge seeking safety and refuge in Romania. Thank you for providing the funding in a quick and “OPENHANDED” manner. Thank you, on behalf of All4Aid, Dawn and I for the support in doing the work God has laid out before us in Romania for the poor/refugee amongst us. May your kindness and generosity along with a quick response bring blessings of peace and joy to each of you and the entire congregation of believers who gather and meet within the walls of Calvary Church!

Your siblings in Christ,

Marv & Dawn

April 14, 2022 |

Last week, we were able to give $15,000, because of your donations to the Ukraine Relief Crisis Fund, in order to support the efforts of a team working diligently to get help to those who are in great need in the Odessa region and surrounding areas. In this video, food and basic need items were given to a pastor who is closer to the war zone to help his people. Please pray for safety on the roads as they travel and minister to physical and spiritual needs. 

Pray also for new people who are attending church in the region where one of our Calvary supported missionaries, Denise, is serving. Many of them are afraid and discouraged during these difficult days. Please pray they will come to know Jesus! 


April 7, 2022 | This week, another one of our partners on the frontlines of the crisis sent us an update. It is a heavy reminder that while we can give thanks for the ways in which God is providing, there is still immeasurable suffering happening in Ukraine. Please read the update below and continue to pray:



One of our partners visited a village that the Russians had just left.

They had held the villagers captive for over 30 days pillaging their stores and homes of all their food. They raped women. The villagers spent the entire period cowering in their basements fearful of exiting.

Our partner saw the deep fear and pain in their eyes – a fear which will linger for a lifetime.

Many were in shock fearing the Russians would return. They even feared going into their gardens for planting believing they could have been mined.

He was enraged by the condition of the Ukrainian soldiers – some without uniforms, protective vests, or decent shoes.

There are realities of war that cannot and should not be captured by a camera. They reside in the human soul like cancer.

Perhaps the greatest gift our partners can give beyond food and meds is the expressions of love and care given with an embrace and the assurance that God loves them. Just what our partner did bringing a flood of tears.




April 4, 2022 | We are praising God after reading this note from Rodrigo, All4Aid’s managing director, who continues to update us on how God is at work amind this crisis.


Celebrate with us! Our All4Aid team just drove 700Kg of food and hygiene items into Ukraine!

A drop in the ocean in face of the huge needs, we know. But, this was the first trip, a test for the trips that will follow. Hence the importance of knowing our team was successful and returned safely!

The supplies were desperately needed by our Ukrainian colleague who coordinates the distribution of food for the residents of a small village in the South of Ukraine out of his church building.

Grateful to God!
Super proud of our team!
Extremely thankful for the prayers and support!





Please continue to pray for their team, especially those who are taking risks to bring food and supplies into Ukraine. Pray for courage, protection, and that the Lord’s presence would be felt in a powerful way.

March 23, 2022 | Check out the latest video update from one of our partners, Rodrigo Silva, the Managing Director at All4Aid, at the Ukrainian-Romanian border!


Please pray for the members of their team that has been impacted by COVID. Pray that God would give them strength and healing to continue doing the work before them.

March 21, 2022 | This past week, All4Aid, a faith-based, international, nonprofit organization Calvary has partnered with, began hosting Ukrainian refugees at their beautiful and newly set up House of Grace, in Romania. This is one of three housing units they have been working hard to set up since the beginning of the crisis, the others being the House of Peace (opening tomorrow) and the House of Hope (a large former kindergarten building for which we received concession of use by the local county to adapt into housing)

Aiming to go above and beyond minimum humanitarian standards, their idea was that the housing units should look, as much as possible, like normal houses, offering a safe and comfortable place of rest and peace for our guests. Accommodation is offered to those who are in transit to another country, but also to those who need a place to stay while they figure out their next steps.


Denise, a Calvary supported missionary, has been loaned to All4Aid to work with the Houses of Grace, Hope and Peace in Romania. She will be traveling there on Wednesday, March 23. Denise is friends with three Ukrainian pastors (Oleg, Eugene, and Ivan) who are using their churches to shelter people as well as providing food and medicine for the needy in Ukraine. 

How you can pray:

  • Pray that God would provide Denise housing to rent for 90 days, a means of transportation, and quick adjustment to a totally new culture and language. Pray that she will be a blessing as she ministers to those fleeing Ukraine, which has also been her home for the past 26 years. 
  • Pray for safety for the Ukrainian pastors, their families, and their churches.
  • Pray for the transfer of funds to help with their work – there are many people willing to give but some problems with wire transfers into Ukraine.
  • Pray that the service they are providing for their communities will result in many people turning to Jesus; Denise has great hope for revival in Ukraine as a result of the war. 

March 15, 2022 | Many ministries that operate within Russia will soon be struggling due to the cash flow problems created by the US Dollar/Euro sanctions. Please pray for wisdom.

March 14, 2022 | Pray for those who are in the battle and serving others. Pray that Christ’s hand would be upon each of these Ukrainian ministers as they work and lead. Pray for: Igor T, Pavel M, Denis KMax R, Vlad M, Sergey T, Sveta N, Igor S, Bogdan K, Andrei S, Alexey K, Valera P, Igor B, Misha P, Sergey D, Konstantin K, Rustam I, Sasha R, Maksim M, Max D.

March 7, 2022 | As the crisis in Eastern Europe continues to worsen, our hearts cry out to God. Pray with us for evil to be restrained so there can be peace in the region. Pray that God would place a shield of protection around the Ukrainian people still living in the country. Pray for strength and comfort for the millions who have been displaced from their homes. Pray that the Russian people would know the truth and be willing to stand up against this injustice.

March 3, 2022 | Our Mercy and Missions Department and the Jerusalem Project are working to support relief efforts in and around Ukraine through our local church and mission partners. Following is a summary of our initial response to the crisis:

  • Granted funds to Church Planter Training International (CPTI). CPTI has a strong network of godly churches and pastors that are working to meet needs on the ground inside Ukraine.
  • Assisted Calvary-supported mission worker Denise Carter with expenses resulting from evacuating Ukraine.
  • Working with local churches in Romania and Moldova for refugee relief at their borders.
  • Helping Leszek and Ania Wakula at First Baptist Church in Lodz, Poland. Calvary purchased the supplies necessary for these Jerusalem Project partners to host Ukrainian refugees at their church.
  • Helping Amy Richey travel to the region. A current mission partner who lived for several years in Ukraine, she will be able to provide on-site updates that will help us coordinate ongoing support.

Your giving to Calvary Church and the Jerusalem Project supports these important projects. It allows us to respond quickly in moments of need, and for that we are so grateful. As we continue to monitor the situation, if the Lord highlights additional needs we will let you know specific ways you can be involved.

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in the region as they seek to care for all those impacted by the war. Pray for God to restrain evil. Pray for peace in the region.

If you have further questions about how to pray and offer support in the midst of this conflict, please contact