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2019, Lesvos September:

Wednesday Oct 2

Our team started the day with breakfast at the hotel, then drove to the women and children center, after a short-worship song and a beautiful devotion, a prayer and job assignments for the day we were ready to start.
Many refugee ladies and their young kids were waiting patiently outside the center with their bags of dirty laundry, and a hope of a safe place to sit, rest ,shower and have someone who can love on them..
We started with few planned activities- a home made colored play dough which the kids enjoyed a lot, it was such a joy to watch these little kiddos molding and cutting the play dough into multiple shapes and showing it off with a big smiles on their faces.
The ladies were super excited to use the facial masks, many ladies sat down to crochet or drink tea with their face masks on, what an experience for them… just to feel pampered, sitting down, relaxing with a mask on !!! it was a joy.
Laurie helped with showers, Amy and Julie organized the back and the storage room,along with an All4Aid Aid staff sorting and organizing the center supplies, then they joined Angela to sit with the kids to color and play some board game.
Our day was filled with many blessings from a smile that was drawn on a women face to a hug or a high five from many sweet kiddos, so thank you Jesus for giving us a chance to serve and be used to bring honor and glory to YOUR name.
Our day ended with a fun visit to the olive wood House. The minute we walked into the store we were treated with coffee, yummy pastries and lots of love, laughters and a great wood work handicrafts.. we did some shopping and headed back to the hotel to prepare for next days crafts and activities.
Thank you all for praying for us, may Our Heavenly Father be honored and glorified through our daily interaction with these dear refugees, and may they feel God love and mercy and protection in their daily lives.