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We are setting out for Glyfada this afternoon! We are thrilled that the day has come, and continue to see God’s provision and affirmation time and time again.

We have seen God answer prayers about the logistics of the trip regarding Sunday worship, funding, and Vacation Bible School, as well as shared personal requests about car repairs, potential water damage, health, air conditioning, and facing spiritual warfare. His provision has brought our team together as we share in struggles with each other, and praise God as we see prayers answered together.

Our team has also been uniquely blessed to get to know some members of Glyfada Church before we even set out on our trip! The partnership between Calvary Church and Glyfada Church has not only allowed for our team to go to Glyfada and work with the people there, but it has brought 3 of their members to Grand Rapids for the summer. Charis, Frinta, and Nikos arrived last week, and we have been so blessed by their presence! We have been able to ask questions and learn more about the church, the city, and the people that we will be spending time with.

God has affirmed this trip for our team in many different ways, and we cannot wait to see what he has for us and the people of Glyfada! Please pray for safe and smooth travel, jet lag that doesn’t linger, and the spouses and children that are staying at home to make this trip possible.