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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - Guyana day 4 Prayer requests

Guyana day 4 Prayer requests

Posted by Austin Stech on with 1 Comments

Hello from Guyana.

We have had a few slower paced days adjusting and preparing for our ministry here. Last night we began our ministry here with our first crusade. What a powerful night our first crusade was.

We joined our Guyanese brothers and sisters in leading this outdoor crusade in a neighborhood village just a short walk from where we are staying. We lead worship which we have planned before hand and also a skit that some of our team members have worked very hard on. The skit portrayed the story of the woman at the well and Jesus encounter with her. During this skit the entire crowd was silent and plugged in. They love skits and dramas here.

God is on the move. Last night already some of us were able to have salvation conversations with a few people who need Jesus. People who have had the wrong types of people in their lives influencing them to live in sin. People who have turned to things like alcohol addiction because they feel like their life isn't worth anything. These people Were present at our crusade and some of us got the chance to start these conversations and plant seeds  

Please pray that we can continue these conversations and the Lord would continue to stir their hearts for him. That he would use us as his vessels to lead these people to himself. Also pray for other people to come to the crusades and for those who need the Lord to come out and receive salvation.


Rain in rain rain. It has been pretty rainy since we got here and the rain has had its first interference with our ministry. Last night the rain held off but it has been raining here today so we are unable to have our crusade at the same location. Instead we will be setting up the speakers in front of the church mezening and having a worship service and invite people to come out and praise Jesus together. We will be delaying our skits until tomorrow morning for the church service. 

Please pray that the rain would not interfere anymore with our planned crusades and VBS starting next week. We plan to do these crusades every evening with a one night break until Thursday. 


Today our our team got to go the local "Meijer" also know as the market! This was the first time a lot of our team have experienced the market and it was A different yet fun experience to see how people here get their food and groceries. 


Our final prayer request right now is probably the most Important. We shared above what the Lord is doing. But we need to share with you what the enemy is trying to do. Yesterday some of us began to get sick and woke up today feeling worse with cold like symptoms. One of our team members, Haju has been in bed since we got here with a fairly severe cold. Please pray for her. For those of us who have also come down with a cold please pray for strength for healing and for perseverance. We know the enemy is against us and he is trying to stop and hinder us from doing the work the Lord has called us to do. This is very evident. And pray for us To run strong the race that the Lord has set before us. Please, pray this with us!


We apologize for not updating you yesterday. Our schedule is going to start getting busier so For future blog posts we will either be updating in the afternoon before 5:30 or after 9pm when crusades are finished. 

As always, thank you for joining us in prayer and supporting the Lords ministry here in Guyana! 


-Guyana team 


Before our first crusade at a village corner 


Safety first 


Looking down the driveway next to the church from our house 


Walking to our first crusade 




Heather Brainard July 23, 2017 6:24pm

Satan is alive and well BUT our God is GREATER!!! Praying you will continue to see His grace and love triumph!!!! Prayers for healing for all.