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Missions Prayer Requests

Missions & Outreach Contacts

Celeste McDonough
Minister & Team Leader,
Mercy & Missions

Larry Milks
Minister & Director of Missions

Vida Wilson
Associate Director, Mercy & Outreach

Jennifer Engels
Ministry Assistant, Mercy & Missions

Requests Received in June 2024


Jeremy & Joy – SECURE

    • For deepening relationships with the locals, as they have begun investing in their wellbeing
    • That they would cultivate fruitful family rhythms while their kids are home from school
    • For lasting peace, good governance, and unhindered gospel proclamation in this country

Dan & Teresa- SECURE

    • Dan is now the executive director of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International (FCFI). As executive director, he is responsible for Gospel-centered ministry at 27 Future Farmers of America state conventions, plus supporting area leaders in hundreds of farm shows each year.
    • FCFI also organizes mission trips and disaster relief efforts around the world—putting God’s love in action. New initiatives include inner-city work with youth, discipleship ministry, trauma and mental health support, and launching FCFI in the developing world, where we’ve been working for years.
    • The FCFI board has asked Teresa to join the work. They will co-lead the ministry as joint directors


Tanner & Kelsey- Secure

    • Pray for Doctors to discover what is causing Ruby’s (2 yrs old) respiratory issues.
    • Pray for the business to become self-sustaining, with the hope of opening a second store
    • Ask God to bless them with their time in the states as they travel to Ohio and Texas. They are to receive more training and encouragement at their organization in Texas.
    • Praise God they received their 5 yr. business visa!


Jamie & Annika- Europe

  • They’ve been accepted to CTEN (Commission to Every Nation)
  • everything is resolved for the car
  • Pray for Pastor Miguel, his wife Diana, and their Church
  • safe travels driving back to Germany
  • Baby Clore and Annika’s pregnancy
  • onboarding with CTEN & support raising

The Americas

Mike & Cher- USA

  • Mike’s cancer has already spread to the liver, making surgery not an option. Chemo may help. He is trusting that God’s knows his days.
  • The Ese Ejja churches are also praying for Mike, as he continues to communicate with them.
  • They recently got a chance to spend some blessed quality time with their 3 daughters in Florida

Jon & Kris- SECURE

  • T” and his teenage wife were imprisoned and beaten to give up names of other Christians. Upon their release, we learned they had not denied Christ, nor given names of others who follow Him. Pray for their healing.
  • Pray as men of different faiths have accepted Christ and are now brothers
  • Many professed faith while Jon was over in the country.
  • One man sold all he had to allow a church to be built on his property.
  • As more are coming to faith, the persecution is rising. Pray!



  • The country has a high demand for the Bible Pathways training. 30 groups right now with others on the waiting list
  • Each group has 16 pastors. They now know how to preach from the Bible, and not just their own thoughts
  • Leta gets to be a trainer and is the primary point person for the operational aspects of the ministry.
  • Pray for her time there in September doing workshops.
  • Pray for more volunteers and the finances to do His work


Anna- CEF!

  • Pray for all the students being trained at CYIA to become 5 Day Club teachers this summer. Training is 2 full weeks long.
  • They need more kitchen help for the two weeks, and drivers to bring students to the homes where the clubs will be held. Pray God provides.