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Orphan Care

Orphan Care Contact

Celeste McDonough
Team Leader, Mercy & Missions

Sheri Schmidt

Sheri Schmidt
Director of Adoption & Foster Care

Ministry Focus

Reflect God’s heart in how we care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Scripture reveals God’s desire for the Church, as recipients of God’s grace and functioning as the body of Christ, to be a refuge to the fatherless, the widow, and foreigner as an oppressed people sharing similar struggles. As a ministry, our mission is to walk alongside families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in a variety of ways, especially though the adoption and fostering process.


Together, we can impact the lives of those with critical needs within our congregation! CarePortal is a technology platform that connects those who are vulnerable with people who want to serve. As we uncover the needs within Calvary Church CarePortal brings awareness and real-time opportunities to respond. 

We are currently working to recruit and then train our Calvary Church CarePortal Response Team. Please note that there is much flexibility within each of these positions and they can be tailored according to the individual and context.

Basic roles include:

A Team Leader is responsible only for their individual team and coordinating one or more monthly team responses. Each team may have more than one leader, which allows them to login to their own CarePortal dashboard, containing the ability to upload, manage, and activate their own Response Team. Having multiple Response Teams within Calvary means a bigger impact for vulnerable children and families in our community. Small Groups may consider forming their own Response Teams, or individuals can sign up as  Response Team members and be assigned to a group.

Each CarePortal church can add as many responders as they wish to their Response Team(s). When activated, each responder will receive an email notification for the request giving them the options to Pray, Follow, or Respond to the request. Response Team Members may take on a variety of roles, e.g. donating needed items or money, shopping for needed items, picking up and delivering needed items, making meals, providing friendship and relational support, and whatever a situation may require.

Take this survey to help us learn more about you and how God is leading you to get involved or contact us for more information.


  • Forever Hope Orphan Care educates, enables and embraces families who commit to open their homes (on either a short-term or permanent basis) to care for vulnerable children. Embracing these families includes, praying, babysitting, assisting financially, housecleaning and volunteering with other practical tasks – God uses it all to further the work of providing those most vulnerable with much needed attention and love. If you are considering foster care, adoption or would like to volunteer to support orphan care, contact Sheri Schmidt.
  • Embrace Grace Support Group is a safe and loving space for single women with unplanned pregnancies who have made the brave choice to keep and parent their baby or place their baby for adoption. We walk through a 12-week program with a powerful yet simple study on how God’s grace and love is never-ending, no matter what our past is and what we’re going through. It offers hope to the hopeless and broken-hearted that have found themselves with an unintended pregnancy. For more information or to join, please contact Christina Leskovar.