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Seventh & Eighth Ministry Contacts

Sara Tindall

Sara Tindall
Pastoral Staff, 7th & 8th Ministry

Kaylynn Woznick
Facilitator, 7th & 8th Ministry

Rodney Velting
Facilitator, 7th & 8th Ministry

Pam Cook
Special Needs Facilitator

Ann Bagley
Ministry Assistant, Students & Young Adults

Latest Gathering Guidelines

Ministry Focus

The heart of everything we do in 7th & 8th is relationships. We are passionate about providing students opportunities to build community with each other, with safe, trusted adults, and with God. None of us were created to live life alone. Life is messy and challenging at times, and we are committed to being a place where students are seen, known, loved and cared for – as they are – by us and most importantly, by God.

While this summer doesn’t look like we expected, we have some great things planned. We hope to see you (or meet you, if we haven’t already!) soon. But don’t worry if it takes some time. We are praying for you! If along this journey there is a specific need our team can meet for you and your family, please don’t hesitate to call or email us anytime. Whether it’s a time of prayer, a run for food and supplies or financial support, we would be delighted to serve you and your family. We’re in this together! Contact us



Seventh-Eighth: Movie Club | 9:30pm-11:00pm

Seventh-Eighth Movie Club – Join us for an outdoor movie on the Student Patio from 9:30-11pm. We’ll be watching School of Rock under the stars!


Seventh & Eighth: Weekly Care-A-Van | 10:00am-12:00pm

Each week our MSM 7/8 Community “Care”-A-Van will be driving around loaded with snacks to share with you and your family on your lawn. Sign up for your slot!