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On Sunday mornings we gather as a church from diverse backgrounds and cultures to confess Jesus as Lord in worship, to hear God speak from His Word and to identify with Christ in communion and baptism. This assembly is central to everything we are and do as a church. Calvary provides live streaming for all of our Sunday morning services. You may also search, watch, listen to or download previous sermons in our sermon archive area.

Media Ordering

If you would like to order a CD of a sermon, contact our Media Department ( at 616-956-9377. Please provide your own contact information along with the date and title (if possible) of the sermon(s) you wish to purchase.


  • Requests for messages dated prior to May 22, 2005, are processed once a month. The suggested donation for these sermon requests is $5/each.
  • Requests for messages dated after May 22, 2005, are processed weekly. The suggested donation for these sermon CDs is $3/each.

Video DVDs are not available at this time.

For a complete listing of Calvary Church Sermons, see our 2019 Technical Services Catalog.

Recent Sermons

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  • Revelation 21-22:5
  • Tom Olsson
  • April 18, 2021
  • The Reign of Christ
  • Revelation 20
  • Tom Olsson
  • April 11, 2021

Current Series: Revealed: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

As we study the book of Revelation we see clearly that what God wants from people is mercy not sacrifice, and a sincere acknowledgment of Him rather than burnt offerings. We can see in our own days that  there is not enough acknowledgment of God. These circumstances we’re in, the COVID-19 pandemic and other current suffering, are a sign and foretaste of the destruction and suffering prophesied in Scripture as Christ’s return draws near. However, in God’s wrath He remembers mercy.

This series is an invitation to grow in wisdom so we will not be deceived about the end times and how Satan works. Our hope is that studying Revelation will be an encouragement to believers that we will share in Jesus’s glory, that as you read and study you will be strengthened in every good word and deed. Together we will see God’s character demonstrated in His wrath against sin and in His protection of His people.

God’s desire is for Christ’s church to become a bride beautifully dressed for Jesus. We can trust in His Spirit to guide us through Revelation. And we can trust He is building us to be a witness this revelation to all who desperately need to let go of their arrogance, grumbling and lack of submission and acknowledge Him as Lord.

Revelation – End Times Overview

Printable PDF. Printed copies of this timeline are available in the Sanctuary.

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