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Community Groups

Community groups exist to make disciples through actively living out our faith together.

What is a community group?

A community group is a three or more people in similar life stages who do life together. It is a group of people who care for each other, has fun together, pursue the Lord together, points each other to the Lord, lives out faith together, and does everything in between! Community Groups are what help us be the church, Monday through Saturday. Groups do this by operating in the following three rhythms.


Groups spend time focused on hospitality, fellowship, friendship, testimony, and becoming a close friend group.


Powered by the Holy Spirit groups spend time in God’s Word, in prayer, and discovering God’s purpose for their lives.


Groups work with God to be a gospel presence in their local communities.  Led by the Spirit and being intentional in conversation.

The best way to get connected to a community group will be through the Community Group Launch this Fall starting September 29. The community group launch is a short-term, three-week commitment on Thursdays wherein we will cast vision, give a mission for groups at Calvary, equip you, and help you form relationships for long-term community groups success. All of this is done at Calvary Church.


Quinn Santa Ana
Director of Small Groups