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The Jerusalem Project: Partner

2021 Year-End
Giving to Partner Churches

As a project-based ministry we are dependent on the generosity of Calvary Church to support the Jerusalem Project. Because of your giving, the Jerusalem Project is in excellent financial health. While we value your ongoing support of this ministry, consider donating directly to one of these Calvary Church partner churches this year. (Click on the logo below for a link to give to the church directly online.)

New Heart Church

Sanctuary Church

New Hope Community Church

Faith Baptist Church

The Jerusalem Project: Partner Division strengthens churches led by national pastors by:

  • Building church partnerships and relationships that provide mutual encouragement (Acts 11:19-30)
  • Providing wholistic support to pastors and their families (Acts 9)
  • Encouraging current church leaders, such as elders and deacons, in their roles (Acts 20:1-3)
  • Providing short-term, project-based financial support  (Romans 15:15-26; I Cor. 16:1-3)
  • Funding church-based training for current and future church leaders (Acts 18)
  • Praying for each other (Acts 8)

Local Churches

Local church partnerships focus on working together to reach every person with the gospel in order to transform lives and communities. Some of our local partners include:

New Heart Church

Sanctuary Church

New Hope Community Church

New City Church

The Local Church

Brightside Church

International Churches

Internationally, the Jerusalem Project has developed long-term partnerships with several churches: