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At some point in our lives, we all need extra help. Calvary offers many options for those who seek extra care. If you need prayer, meals or have any care needs, contact us at (616) 956-9377, ext. 5628.

Calvary Care Contacts

Josh Warren
Minister & Director,
Calvary Care

Dane Bjork
Minister, Calvary Care

Andrea Reiffer
Care Counselor

Erika Sparks
Executive Assistant

Funerals & Memorial Services

As your church family, our staff and pastors would love the opportunity to walk with you through the process of planning your funeral, or helping you plan for the funeral of a loved one.

There are a number of questions and details to sift through before or after a death, so it’s our hope that this Funeral Planning Guide will help minimize the grief and stress of planning. We trust the Lord will guide you through each step of the way, and that this guide is part of His process.

To initiate the process of planning a funeral at Calvary, please contact us at (616) 956-9377 ext. 3623.