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Groups & Classes

Adult Ministry Contacts

Susan Sorensen
Team Leader, Adult Ministries
Pastoral Staff, Women’s Ministry & Adult Bible Study

Mason Sherrill

Mason Sherrill
Pastoral Staff, Adult Sunday Classes, Small Groups, Calvary Equip and Men’s Ministry

Karen VanHolstyn

Karen VanHolstyn
Assistant Director, Adult Ministries

Carla Boon-Julien

Carla Boon-Julien
Ministry Assistant, Adult Ministries

Ministry Focus

It is in community where people experience God’s love by meeting together regularly, studying God’s Word, praying together and caring for one another. The following are opportunities for all adults to gather in community together. For a list of gender or age-specific groups, see the page for that specific ministry.

Small Groups

Small Groups meet in homes, at the church and other locations throughout the greater Grand Rapids area. Each group determines when and where they will meet. Most groups meet twice a month.

To sign up for a small group contact our office ( and we will help find a group for you.

Adult Sunday Classes

Adult Sunday Classes are made up of various size groups of people that meet for fellowship, education and outreach on Sunday mornings. All classes meet weekly unless otherwise stated.

A caring group of believers who enjoy bible study, fellowship, prayer and service. This large, teaching-oriented class is comprised of senior adults who will be studying Hebrews this fall. 

Baby Boomers and Beyond
Room 251
A medium-sized teaching-oriented class comprised of senior adults studying Erwin Lutzer’s book “One Minute After You Die” & “Nations in the Bible, Past, Present, Future, Genesis to Revelations.” 

Faith Builders
Room 260
We encourage one another in obedience to God’s will through Bible study, prayer and fellowship. This is a medium-sized teaching-oriented class of couples in their 50s and 60s.

Family Tree
Room 114
A warm community where grandparents, parents, teens and pre-teens study the Bible, fellowship and serve. A medium-sized class that discusses the sermons. This class does not meet the first Sunday of the month.

FLOCK (Fellowship, Leadership, Outreach, Care & Knowledge)
Room 252
We focus on expository teaching of God’s Word, prayer, outreach and mission projects as well as class socials. This is a large class of senior adults that will be studying the book of Acts this fall. 

Growing in Relationships
Room 261
A spiritually rich and caring group who build Christ-centered relationships through in-depth Bible Study in the book of Exodus on God, Slavery & Freedom. Together they enjoy Friday night gatherings, retreats, outreach activities and prayer support. This is a large teaching oriented class of single and married senior adults. They meet on the 2nd & 4th Sundays.

Rooted in Scripture
Room 212
We will discuss 2 Peter this fall. A small class that goes deeper in Scripture.

Faith & Fellowship
Room 265
A small class comprised of singles and marrieds of all ages that engage in sermon discussion, pray for each other and fellowship together. 

Legacy Builders
Room 212
They discuss the sermon, pray together and care for one another. This is a small class.

Room 256
They strive to follow Jesus – moving forward as they step in faith through each new challenge and stage of life, maturing in Christ and love for one another. This is a small class of couples in their 20s and 30s studying the book of John.

Room 264
A multigenerational group of individuals and couples committed to engage more deeply with the Bible and authentic biblical community. Journey with them through God’s Word as they live, grow, and thrive in the community of Christ. This is a medium sized that will be teaching on Life, Liberty, and Faith – understanding their freedom in Christ.

Room 260
Families journeying through life together. This is a medium sized class of couples in their 30s and 40s teaching through the book of John – Jesus’ Lordship this fall. 

Room 252
They are a group of singles and married senior adults that meet to study God’s Word, care for each other and have regular, fun social activities. This is a medium sized class that enjoy both teaching and discussions. 

Simply The Story
Room 261
A medium-sized class designed for singles and marrieds of all ages. They are studying through the Old Testament by looking at the lives of Joseph and Moses, story by story. Join this discussion-style class as they discover God’s truths and then apply them in their own lives. In this class, they do not teach the STS method, but use this oral-based study method to explore the Word together. 

Room 251
A group of families with young children who desire to study God’s Word and become more like Jesus. They meet in small groups every other week. This is a medium sized class of couples in their 20s and 30s. Meet on the 1st & 3rd Sundays

Heirs Together
Married or single, join together to be strengthened and encouraged. Biblical teaching, class interaction mission focus, social events and outreach opportunities characterize this group. They have a large class of single and married senior adults that will teach through a few different topics this year including: The Only Cure for Identity Politics, Growing Your Prayer Life, and The Exchanged Life.

Calvary Equip Classes

Calvary Equip Classes will help you gain knowledge of tools of the faith, find enrichment in your faith, obtain skills to do the work, receive opportunities to practice and find direction on next steps. This is a great way to journey deeper in your spiritual formation. Register at

Equip: LACE (Living after Christ’s  Example)
Begins September 8 |  9:00-10:15am  | Room 211
Register at
Throughout this class you will learn the art of Building Relationships and Trust, Developing Foundational Skills in Biblical Truths and Living in Biblical Community.  This fall we will study the book of Acts and our time will revolve around studying God’s Word, authentic community, and life-changing transformation.  This is an ongoing class open to attendance at any time for single women of all ages and life stages.

Equip: Prayer
September 8 – October 20 | 10:45am-12:00pm | $10 | Room 211
Register at by September 6.
This seven-session course will focus on the wholeness and importance of prayer to a believer.  We will look for explanation of what it means to pray according to God’s will, to wrestle with God in prayer and more.

Equip: Foundations 
Begins September 8 | | 9:00-10:15am | Room 264
Register at
Foundations is a community of engaged and newly married young adults that get together to be challenged and encouraged as we focus on glorifying God through our marriages. We meet for teaching and discussion designed to give a Biblical framework for making godly decisions and forming healthy life-long habits that will help us strengthen our relationships and help us grow in Christ. Join this community as you work on building a strong and lasting foundation for your marriage.

Equip: What We Believe (Membership Class) 
October 13-November 10 | 10:45am-12:00pm | Room 114
Register at
Have you been wanting to become a member of Calvary Church? Already a member, but would like to review what we believe? This five session class is open to anyone wanting to explore what Calvary Church believes.  It is a pre-requisite for membership, but we encourage anyone who wants to become more familiar with what we believe to take the class.  The class is open to anyone 12 years of age or older.

Equip: Set Free in Christ
September 8 – November 17 | 6:00-8:00pm  | $10  | Room 251
Register at by September 6.
This ten-session course is designed to help individuals understand who they are and what they already have in Christ.  When an individual knows that their identity is in Christ, rather than in what they have done, they realize they are set free, or liberated in Christ, and they experience a reconciled relationship with Christ.  Individuals can then live for God, not based on their performance, but on the Truth that God loves them and they are a new creation. 2 Corinthians 5:17, Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has passed away; behold the new has come.

Calvary Equip: Explore Calvary 
September 11—October 9 | 6:30-7:45pm | Room 251
Explore Calvary is a five-session class to learn more about Calvary Church. The first session is a quick overview of our church. The following four sessions provide insight into what it means to Worship, Fellowship, Equip & Serve here at Calvary Church. Register at by September 9.

Calvary Equip: What We Believe (Membership Class) 
October 16—November 20 | 6:30-7:45pm | Room 251
Have you been wanting to become a member of Calvary Church? Already a member, but would like to review what we believe? This five session class is open to anyone wanting to explore what Calvary Church believes.  It is a pre-requisite for membership, but we encourage anyone who wants to become more familiar with what we believe to take the class.  The class is open to anyone 12 years of age or older. Register at by October 14.

Calvary Equip: A Man & His Marriage 
September 11—October 16 | 6:30-7:45pm | $10| Room 265
A Man and His Marriage is part of the Authentic Manhood 33 series of six-week sessions that gives men a vision for manhood as modeled by Jesus in His 33 years on earth. Bring life to your marriage by building it around God’s grace and for His glory. Register at by September 9.

Calvary Equip: A Man & His Fatherhood 
October 23—December 11 | 6:30-7:45PM | $10 | Room 265
A Man and His Fatherhood will help you begin to think strategically about being a dad and help you prepare to launch healthy sons and daughters into the world. This study is part of the Authentic Manhood 33 series of six-week sessions that gives men a vision for manhood as modeled by Jesus in His 33 years on earth. Register at

Calvary Equip: Bible Storytelling (Simply The Story Training)
September 11 – December 18 | 6:30-7:45pm | Room 252-254
Attendees will be trained to tell engaging, accurate Bible stories & to lead interactive discussions which lead to deep understanding & application of God’s Word using the Simply The Story (STS) techniques. This is a great class for parents.

Calvary Equip: Good News of Jesus 
September 11 – October 16 | 6:30-7:45pm | $10 | Room 256
You have heard the gospel, but do you know the gospel?  In this class you will be equipped to understand and articulate the gospel message simply, concisely, and contextually!  In studying the four gospel accounts you will also gain a greater understanding of their differences and purposes.  At completion of this course you will be able to share the gospel with confidence, being able to derive and defend the gospel from scripture. (This is a required course for anyone participating in a short-term mission trip).  Register at by September 9.

Calvary Equip: Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace 
September 11 – November 13 | 6:30-7:45PM |$99
Calvary Care Conference Room (Entrance J)
This nine-session, money-management class will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and much more. Financial Peace University will help you take control of your money, plan for your future, and transform your life. Register at by September 9.

Calvary Equip: All-In Orphan Care
October 23 – December 11 | 6:30-7:45pm | $10 | Room 256
This class will equip you with the understanding of God’s vision for spiritual adoption that we experience in Christ and the resulting call we all have in light of our new relationship with Him.  You will learn what it truly means to be an adopted child of God, co-heir with Christ, and what role and next step God has for you in caring for the fatherless. Register at by October 21.

Calvary Equip: Journey to the Nations
October 23 – December 11 | 6:30-7:45PM | $10  | Room 264
This course will give you a greater understanding of what the bible truly says about missions and God’s purpose and passion for the Nations.  This is not about a destination – it’s about devotion to the God who loves all people!  You will be equipped with a global vision and passion, and throughout this course you will discover your role and next steps to serve the Lord and His global command – whatever your calling in life. Register at by October 21.

Monday Night Bible Study

September 16-November 25 | 7:00-8:30pm | $10 | Chapel
Register at anytime throughout the semester.

This is a place where men and women of all ages meet together throughout the school year to study God’s Word, for prayer and for fellowship. We begin at 7:00pm in the Chapel with everyone together for large group teaching.  Small group time begins at 7:30pm with gender specific groups discussing the lesson and praying together. During the fall, we will study “Enabling Grace: Growing in Godliness through Titus.” In the winter/spring, we will move to “Sustaining Grace: Living in the Light of Jesus’ Return through 1 & 2 Thessalonians.” These studies will reveal our God in amazing ways so that we can be rooted, growing and fruitful in God’s Word.