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Calvary News - Annual Meeting Recap

Annual Meeting Recap

Posted by Calvary Communications on

We had a great Annual Meeting last night! Thanks to everyone who joined us as we looked back at the year behind and thanked God for His blessings and presence with us.

During the meeting, we were especially happy to "deputize" five children who have memorized the entire book of James over the past five years and performed at least 25 service projects over that same period. Congratulations to these children. We are thankful for the way that God is working in your lives!

This year, there are five outgoing elders and four outgoing deacons. We thank each one of them for their service to Christ and His church here at Calvary. The outgoing elders are: Dan Challa, Clare DeGraaf, Dick Doyle, Ross Pettinga and Sam Roth. The outgoing deacons are: Stephen Baab, Welhelm Kliewer, Rob Umstead and Chris Walkup.

After their nominations were affirmed by the congregation, new elders and deacons were determined by lot. The new elders are: Mike Still, Les Lamborn, Steve Gronsman, Dave Oviatt and Eric Cerling. The new deacons are: Jon Rudolph, Steve Bagley, Brian Klaver, Kim Velting and Dan Wiersma.

Join us in prayer for these men as they begin their responsibilities, that God would draw them near Himself and that they would listen to His voice.

We will be having a special meeting to talk specifically about our Grace Beyond building project in two weeks, on Sunday, October 4, at 6:00pm. Please join us then and continue to be in prayer for Calvary and for our leaders.

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