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Calvary Church GR

Jerusalem Project

God is continually at work transforming Calvary into a more hospitable, merciful and mature church, and part of that transformation is updating our ministry programs to help us better adapt to how He is at work in Grand Rapids and around the world.

For more than 20 years, Calvary Church held an annual offering called Open Door Project that gave the congregation the opportunity to fund special projects. These projects often focused on Calvary’s passion for church planting and training ministry leaders.  As our commitment in this area has grown, there was a desire to be more intentional in this giving and consolidate our efforts in various areas of the church in one location.

In 2017, the elders unanimously agreed that the season for the Open Door Project had ended and we are being called to move forward in a new direction. A direction that has roots firmly planted in the rich soil of sacrificial giving and missional outreach that ODP helped to establish in the Calvary DNA.

The Jerusalem Project gets its name from Jesus’ mandate to take the gospel from Jerusalem to all parts of the globe primarily by establishing and strengthening churches. This project will have three main areas of emphasis: church planting, church strengthening, and church leader training.

As the Jerusalem Project grows and takes shape, we will be sure to provide you with updates about the impact this ministry is making. In the meantime, the Jerusalem Project has been designated as a special project that can receive direct financial donations. Visit to give.