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Calvary Church GR

Refugee Relief

Calvary Church is partnering with Greater Europe Mission (GEM) and the Greek Evangelical church in their work with refugees on the island of Lesvos, Greece. Each day thousands of men, women and children are landing on this tiny island in search of a better life. Since April 2015, estimates are that 400,000 people have fled their war-torn countries and embarked on ill-equipped dinghies across the Aegean Sea to land on Lesvos. The coast of Turkey is about five miles from the coast of Lesvos and as a result, hundreds of thousands of refugees are willing to risk their lives to make this crossing.

How can you help?
If you would like to financially support this work, a refugee relief project has been set up to support our teams serving in Greece and future efforts.

  • Give online at
  • Give via text - Simply text the amount you wish to give, followed by “Refugee Relief” to 616-294-0700 (for example, “75 Refugee Relief”). 
  • Give on Sunday morning - designate Refugee Relief on your offering envelope or the memo line of your check.

Pray for Our Team
Join us in praying for our team serving in Lesvos from June 15-29. 

The Greek government has given Euro Relief the responsibility for this "first stop" camp. This "welcome camp" is the first place for those soaking wet, traumatized people to experience the love of Christ. In joining with Euro Relief, we have an incredible opportunity to partner with the church in Europe by offering justice and mercy in the name of Christ. 

Our hope is to be a witness of God's mighty love in this dark place. At the same time, we believe that experiencing a refugee camp will strengthen our ministry of mercy here in Grand Rapids, as we begin to create a culture of compassion and hospitality. More than anything, we hope through this effort to glorify and please God. While many stand idle, Calvary needs to heed the voice of our God and stand up against the evil forces of this world. The church of Greece and the missionaries on the ground are pleading for our help. As we heed the call and enter into this suffering in the name of Jesus, our faith will be deepened.

We Welcome Refugees