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2024, Tanzania:

1/21/2024 – The Gospel Is Being Preached

Today was a very special day as the three men from our team were asked to provide the teaching sermons at local churches around Mwanza.  The men partnered up with the women from the team and we spread out to three separate churches in Mwanza; one urban location as well as two others on the outskirts of town. What a blessing it was to engage not only with brothers and sisters in Christ that we have grown to know through partnering with MBI, but also with other believers who we met for the very first time.  We were welcomed with such wonderful hospitality and the Good News of the Gospel of salvation was shared with those we encountered.  We also were able to engage with our Tanzanian friends by seeing the beautiful way that they praise and petition the Lord in their native tongue, all the while having the blessing of interpreters where we visited.  It is encouraging to spend time in fellowship with like-minded believers, sharing the common thread that we all are bonded in, and that is through the salvation of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Despite traveling thousands of miles and crossing over to a much different culture than what we are accustomed to, even through a style of worship unique to Tanzania, we find that we have many things in common as we come together as the Body of Christ.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and loving kindness, allowing us to safely travel in multiple directions criss-crossing the city during a rainstorm.  Most importantly though, we are humbled by how God spoke through the messages the men had prepared.  Our prayer is that Jesus was fully glorified in the way our team served today.