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2024, Tanzania:

Anticipating The Tanzania 2024 Mission Team Departure

Our Tanzania mission team of (6) individuals is just 30 days away from our departure to Mwanza, Tanzania.  This will be a twelve day journey traversing thousands of miles as we partner with our friends at the Mwanza Bible Institute (MBI).  The trip itinerary is full of engaging Bible teaching, plans to share in fellowship while discipling those we come in contact with and building the foundational truth of faith in Christ for the younger students attending the Hope Royal School as well as local children in the area.  While we finalize the last few remaining details of our trip, we humbly request your prayers for the petitions of our team.

  • That our team fundraising goals are met by the end of December ’23.
  • For biblical guidance and the Holy Spirit’s leading in preparation for teaching, discipling & fellowship. (Gal. 5)
  • For the salvation and/or edification of those we come into contact with.
  • For the team and our families to remain safe and in good physical & spiritual health during the trip.
  • That our mission team remains in the Lord through any spiritual warfare we may encounter.
  • That God would be fully glorified in all that our mission team does during the trip.

We thank everyone that has offered support throughout this journey and know that with God, all things are possible.  Should you feel called to partner with our team as a donor, there is still time to provide a financial gift.  Just follow this link by going to  Praise be to the Lord for His provision and allowing our team the opportunity to spread the Gospel and glorify His holy name.