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2024, Cyprus, Short Term Missions:

Friday – Wrap It Up

Our last day at the Center, yet we were each wondering when we could come back…

Today was the first day we made it to and from the Center with zero “detours” (ie wrong turns).  It only took until the last day to perfect the navigating!

  • Bob and Jim finished painting the new classroom.  
  • Logan the director was thrilled with the new sign.
  • Lynnell worked on organizing the attic and filling the bins we purchased yesterday.  (Before and after pics below.)









  • Sherry worked with a few volunteers to keep sorting the donations.
  • Krystal helped with the clothing distribution, popped in on an English class, and ended up entertaining kids so parents could learn.

We had a pizza party for all the volunteers after the day was finished.  Bob told the Bible story of the Widow and her two mites in the style of “Simply the Story”.  It was interesting to hear the conversation that resulted.


We spent the evening in the center of town near the traditional tomb of Lazarus.  It is the beginning of the holiday week so there were many people out and about.  Next week is “Big Week” or the week before Easter which is a bigger deal than Christmas.


The Church of St Lazarus

Tomorrow we travel to Paphos for debriefing and to visit a couple serving there.  It will be a lot of driving on new roads, but Jim’s driving is pretty solid now.  The navigating is another story, no one is volunteering for that burden!

Stray Cat Count as of Friday night:  127  (Lynnell is wearing her cat ears in solidarity)