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2023, HSM Wisconsin:

HSM 2023 Wisconsin: Day 3

Hi Friends,

Today our squad split into two teams and went to two different worksites. Abby went with a group to the sight we were at yesterday – God Touch. Quinn and Mike took another group to work with Bridge Builders.

God Touch – We had a FANTASTIC day at God touch. We were able to complete our really big project for the week today, so that was a huge blessing to them. We were able to work today to cut and remove all the unused piping in their basement. They are excited to continue to transform the space for a potential kids area, hang out space and gym. We spent our additional time doing various projects that helped to update and beautify the church. In the afternoon we met up with all the churches we are working with and spent an hour worshipping and praying. We had some extra time during the day and Kate, Ellie and Abby went outside to try and connect with members of the community. We were able to meet some people, give them food and have some faith filled conversations with them.

Bridge Builders – Today was great being able to work on some outdoor renovation projects for a home in the community. We tore down a fence and accomplished a ton of landscaping clean up. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day for outdoor work, and after a few hours of work the owner came home and expressed her thankfulness! She came to each of us and gave us a hug, and that made our work for today all worth it! For tomorrow our goal is to put up a new fence to replace the one we tore down. Overall today was exhausting, but God was faithful to show us some of the fruit of our work serving here in Milwaukee!

To close out our day, we made a run to Walmart to fill up on some snacks (mostly sugar)! It seems to give the team a boost of energy after a long day. We are hanging out decompressing and planning on tacos for dinner! Looking forward to worship tonight, and some good sleep to be ready to roll for our days serving tomorrow!