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Israel Trip

As a former participant on a Calvary-led trip to Israel, we wanted to share with you about a special trip we have planned for our high school students and young adults. We are excited to be planning a visit to the Holy Land, specifically tailored for young people, at some point in the next several months. The trip will be led by Tom Olsson (Lead Pastor) and Josh Karhan (Pastoral Staff, High School Ministry). Participants will have the opportunity to visit Capernaum, Caesarea, Philippi and Jerusalem just like you did when you traveled with us.

While certainly the mention of this unique trip has brought back fond memories, we want to do more than stoke nostalgia. We would like to offer you the opportunity to give generously to help our young people fund this trip. Traditionally, a trip of this magnitude is outside of people’s budget, yet God has historically made His presence known in really cool ways in people’s lives by providing a way for them to go. Whether this is your story or not, we know you have benefitted from the experience of seeing the Bible come to life in Israel. Therefore, we want offer you the chance to participate in this fundraising opportunity, that others may be blessed as you have been blessed.

Would you consider giving a gift to our High School & Young Adult Israel Trip? Donations can be made by clicking here.

Tom Olsson                                         Jim Samra
Minister & Lead Pastor                    Minister & Senior Pastor