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Weekly Focus:

Mercy & Hospitality | September 22-28, 2019

One of the most effective ways to share the Gospel is by offering mercy and hospitality to those who are in need. In Matthew 25, we are reminded that acts of mercy, deeds that we do for those who Christ calls  the least of these, we do for Jesus Christ himself. In the Mercy and Hospitality ministries of Calvary, we focus on four areas: caring for widows, assisting refugees, coming alongside families who are adopting or fostering, and bringing hope to those in prison. 

Prison Ministry: Bring hope and encouragement to those in prison by volunteering to teach, lead worship, mentor or correspond with inmates through Calvary’s Pen Pal Ministry. Contact Ardo at ext. 5182 or Lou at ext. 3618 for more information.

Forever Hope Orphan Care Ministry: This ministry focuses on equipping Calvary families who open their homes to vulnerable children through foster care and/or adoption. Become part of wrap around care by assisting with respite, laundry, making meals and other opportunities. Contact Sheri at ext. 5524 for more information.

Widowed Ministry: This ministry focuses on caring for and encouraging the widowed at Calvary. We also desire to encourage the widows who have great spiritual wisdom and experience to serve the Lord in various capacities. Contact Courtney at ext. 5652.

Refugee Ministry: Minister to the needs of a growing refugee population. Our goal is for our new friends to experience the love of Christ as we assist them with housing, English, school, jobs, and many other areas that provide opportunities to put our faith into action. Contact Courtney at ext. 5652 for questions.