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Kids: Family Resources

Let’s Partner Together and Share Resources!

Our staff would love to know more about how you are building a strong foundation of faith within your homes.  Do you have a favorite devotional book you read with your kids?  Or a worship CD to share?  Let us know by contacting Ann Bagley and we would be happy to review the content and share it with others on this resource page!

This Week’s Featured Family Resource

In Praying the Scriptures for Your Children, Jodie Berndt invites you to partner with God in prayer and watch him work wonders in your kids’ lives. Encouraging you to use God’s actual words–the bible itself–as the foundation of your intercessions, Berndt shows you how to pray specifically for your child’s character, faith, safety, future, and relationships.

Staff Resource Picks

In the book The Ology, Marty Machowski teaches children (and adults) truths about God! In a memorable, creative, fun, and understandable way, kids learn all about God, people, sin, God’s promises, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, adoption, sanctification, the church, Christ’s return, and the Bible. In addition, there is a companion children’s album by Sovereign Grace Music that reinforces its concepts.

In this book, children are given an alphabetical list of the titles and attributes of God written with a rhyming beat. Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle make The Acrostic of God fun to read and easy to memorize. Each characteristic, A to Z, weaves together a beautiful picture of God.

The authors make learning theology fun and effortless. Their book shows God as he is, not “just to know about him more in our brains, but to know him as the God of glory who reigns.”

If you’ve got about 10 minutes of audio time with your child in the car or before bedtime, they can listen and follow along to scripture being read aloud on Bible Gateway. 10 minutes a day will take you through the entire New Testament! Download the app for your phone.

Looking for some cool tunes? Several families have told us about Slugs and Bugs as a favorite resource for music and video content! Now you can purchase or stream your favorite Slugs and Bugs music wherever you listen to music! Slugs & Bugs


The Hodgson family recommends the book God Always Keeps His Promises, an appropriate title, especially for our Young-five and Elementary students as they continue to study Abraham’s life. Children will see that God is completely trustworthy to keep His promises; He has always been faithful and will continue to be!

The Bible Memory Project is a wristband system that has been designed as a tool for both kids and adults to memorize scripture. Wristbands are inscribed with the verse acronym (the first letter of each word from the memory verse) – one for each week! These letters will help you to complete the whole word in your mind and you’ll be remembering the whole verse in no time! Having scripture on you at all times may even prompt gospel conversations with others.

You can purchase a single month or sign up as a monthly subscription program. For 2022, the theme is the Fruit of the Spirit – memorize 48 verses about these important characteristics of God! Visit The Bible Memory Project