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Calvary Church Short-Term Missions Blog - MADISON 2018: WEDNESDAY UPDATE


Posted by Josh Karhan on

The latest from Matt Horling...

Today we had the honor of doing some dirty work! In the morning both crew 1 and 2 went to separate local gardens to help weed and prepare the soil. We joined in the afternoon at a third local garden and continued to pull weeds there! This evening during group time, we had great discussions about what the Lord is doing on this trip and how we can bring these things we have learned back home with us as we continue to grow closer to God. Our unity as a team has been so strong and we appreciate continued prayer for us and the community that we are serving in! 

Thank you! 

Crew 1 at their work site!

Crew 2 at their work site!

Feeding the chickens at work site 2!

Thanks for following our team on the blog and for praying!

Pray for:

  • Christ to grant our students a continued spirit of unity both through the remainder of the trip, and moving forward at UNITED.
  • The Spirit to enable students to finish their time serving well today (Thursday), as well as for the ability to "say goodbye" well to those in the community that they have been building relationships with, speaking in love and boldness about their faith.  
  • The Lord to speak clearly to our students (individually and corporately) through the evening sessions.
  • For God to continue to show our students how they are to bring what they have learned in Madison back to Grand Rapids.