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2024, Tanzania:

1/23/2024 – Encouragement For The Body of Christ

Today’s activity for this mission was incredibly vibrant and constructive.  As the day unfolded, it has become clear that those we are serving are experiencing growth and being transformed by an abundance of blessings that came from our Lord above.  Besides their regular schoolwork, the children of Hope Royal had a full day of programming provided through the mission itinerary which included a lesson on “What does the Lord require of you?  Love God and love others.” This was accompanied by a heart craft which included scripture and prayers to encourage the student’s walk of faith.  Across campus, the women’s conference was in full swing where they continued their inductive Bible study lesson while also transitioning to a marriage building discussion focused on love and respect.  Today’s conference ended with the women making sewing kits which they loved and they also sang a powerful worship song to the Lord which could be heard throughout the neighborhood.  It truly felt as if the heavens had opened up and was apparent that the Holy Spirit was present in that moment.  Finally, the MBI class dug deeper into their Bible study method curriculum which focuses on preaching.  They began to look at the Bible, particularly in its grammar, syntax, grammatical tense/gender, sentence structure and composition.  As we enter into the core of our mission trip, there is compelling proof that the students and teachers are growing as the body of Christ, relationships and bonds are being formed and we are encouraging one another through fellowship, urging each other on as we strive to grow in faith and sanctification while understanding more fully who God is, what He says in His word and how we should respond as disciples.  Praise God for another fruitful day in the mission field!