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2024, Tanzania:

1/24/2024 – Jesus Is Building His Church

The mission team is continually reminded of how blessed we are to be called to serve the bride of Christ, His church, in such a beautiful setting of Tanzania. The people of this country are so incredibly beautiful. Their hospitality and kindness through humility reflect the love of Christ.  Tanzanian culture is very vibrant and those we are encountering are hungry to know the Lord more deeply, to grow in faith and multiply His kingdom work through their ministry.  I’d be remiss to overlook how wonderful the children of Tanzania are.  They are so smart, very curious to explore and have a way of capturing your heart through day to day interactions.  In hearing their worship songs or the roaring laughter and screams that emanate throughout the campus during play time, our hearts well up with joy in praise to the Lord for how He looks down with loving kindness on even the littlest of His children.  Our continual prayer is that we honor the Lord well, glorifying His holy name in the teaching and discipling we are engaged in at Mwanza Bible Institute, Hope Royal School and the women’s conference. The mission team wants to thank all those who have partnered with us in order to make this trip a reality.  If you could please continue sending prayers up to God so that we can finish the work the Lord has set before us, we would be grateful.  Bwana Yesu Asifiwe (Praise the Lord)!