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2023, 78 Cleveland:

7&8 Cleveland 2023: Arrival

Night 1 – Arrived safe and sound

Thanks to everyone who came and helped to pray us off to Cleveland! We had a super safe and easy ride of just over 4 hours with the only hiccup being that with Chick-Fil-A closed on Sundays we had to settle for Culver’s.

Upon arrival we had a little time to settle in and even meet some of the other students and leaders from the two other churches that are here (one from Philadelphia, PA and one from Charlotte, NC).

We had Pizza for dinner and then met in the sanctuary for worship and some rules for the week and were then split into our working teams.

Jodi will be taking Allie, Ellie, Eva and Julie to the community Garden where they will help to care for it and do a bunch of gardening.

Frank will be taking the boys (Connor, James, Isaiah and Jacob) to do a ceiling project and a floor project.

Rodney and Sam will take Audri, Stella, Clara and Grace to do a roofing project (don’t worry we will wear harnesses if on the roof).

We had some free time tonight and many games were played (PIT, Farkle, Spoons, etc) and now we are in bed and going to sleep looking forward to an early morning tomorrow when we get to head out to the job sites.

Continue to pray for the team as we are maybe stretched to do some projects beyond our capabilities. Pray for safety at each job site. Pray for cohesion with the other churches present. And maybe most importantly pray that God will work through us to spread the glory of His name and also draw each one of us closer to Himself!

Good Night!

Posted by Rodney Velting @ 10:20pm