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2023, 78 Cleveland:

7&8 Cleveland 2023: Day 2 – First Day On The Job

We got a good night sleep and boy did we need it. We were up before 7 with breakfast being at 7:15am followed by AM chores, breakfast devotions, group stretching and then off to the worksite by 8:45am.

Jodi’s Team had a great day at the Community Garden, here is what she had to say…

“Today we had the blessing to work with a wonderful lady named Ms. Mitty. She is working to rejuvenate her neighborhood by developing a community orchard where the hopes are to use the fruits of the orchard to produce jam and sell while she teaches the trades to the neighborhood. Today we helped by cleaning out the beds around the fruit trees and weeding some other areas.”

Frank’s group hit the ground running on their ceiling and flooring project, here is what he had to say about that…

“We got to the house and met the home owner Mr. Robbin and Mrs. Judy, a very welcoming and warm couple. We greeted them and got right to work.

We needed to remove some of his belongings from a side room in order to start work on removing the drop ceiling. Mr. Robbin was great with giving us directions and had some fun quirky comments as we were working.

After removing the items, all the kids (Isaiah, James, Connor, Jacob plus a few from another church) attacked the ceiling. We worked great as a team and cycled responsibilities to allow all to sample the different tasks.

With a much needed lunch break and devotional, we got back to work. In no time we had our mess cleaned up and removed the carpet to get ourselves set up for the next day. Can’t wait for what tomorrow holds!”


Rodney and Sam’s group had the distinct privilege of being on a roof on this beautiful sunny day.

We met the home owner, Becky, a very kind woman who was so appreciative of us being there and our hard work. She wanted to start the day with a group picture with us.

Some of our girls had a great opportunity to just connect with her as she shared with them about her garden and her 4 cats, on of which she let them name.

All students had the opportunity to get up on the roof, strapped in if on the 2nd story roof and they all jumped right in and loved swinging a hammer.

Lunch was a much needed break (at least for Sam and me, but mostly Sam) and Grace led us in lunchtime devotions.

We finished the 2nd story roof that another group had begun and then worked on tearing off another large section to prepare for shingles tomorrow.

After heading back from the job sites we had an opportunity for a much needed shower, then had dinner and did PM chores.

At 7pm we had our Worship time and Session. We are being challenged to really look and listen for how God might be speaking to us this week. We are being challenged to say YES to whatever God might be asking of us. And most of all we are being reminded of God’s love for us and his majesty in the world around us, which He created!

Off to bed for another long day tomorrow. Good night

Posted by Rodney Velting @ 10:45pm