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2023, 78 Cleveland:

7&8 Cleveland – Cedar Point

Hey everybody!

My name is Sam Wolowski and I’m the intern for Calvary’s 7th-8th ministry this summer. I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to serve and walk alongside these wonderful students this week. It’s been a week of hard work, sweat, perseverance, and dependence on the Lord. We’ve seen God working through our students and through the many challenging and exciting experiences the Lord has presented to us this week.

This morning we spent time reflecting on this week and the commitments we made and prayed over last night to the Lord (to pray and read the Bible, spend time in God’s presence, witness to a friend, etc). God showed up big this week and we are all so grateful!

To celebrate how the Lord worked this week through our team, we took a trip to Sandusky, Ohio to ride some rollercoasters at Cedar Point! I truly believe that we have a God who is both serious and fun. God gave us the qualities of humor, joy, and laughter because he displays and enjoys those same qualities. So we had to believe that God very much approved of our celebratory day trip at Cedar Point.

We spent our time running from coaster to coaster. Fears were fought, laughter was abundant, stomachs were tested, and root beer seemed to spill onto one of our student-acclaimed “sweaty” leaders (it definitely wasn’t me😂).

Thank you all for allowing your students to take a week out of their summer to serve the Lord outside of Grand Rapids. We are all so excited to return home and continuing God’s good mission of glorifying and enjoying him this side of heaven and the next.

(Written by Sam Wolowski on our ride home from Cedar Point)