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2023, 78 Cleveland:

7&8 Cleveland: Day 3

We are having a wonderful time in Cleveland.

The staff here at Next Step has been great. There are five college students who all have their own job here and they have been awesome! Corrine leads worship and has an amazing voice and is also leading one of the work crews (porch project). Djiraj is studying engineering and is leading a work crew (ceiling and flooring job) while also helping to run games. Kassioni has been preparing our food (which has been pretty good!) and also running a work crew (community garden). Dylon helps to lead worship and run games as well as lead a work crew (roofing). While Elizabeth is the site lead and the construction lead overseeing all projects and supplying them their needs throughout the day.

Community Garden:

Today the group at the community orchard weeded flower beds, spread gravel and painted pickets. We also learned about the underground railroads and how it worked for the slaves. We also learned that Cleveland was one of the last stops for the underground railroad. (Written by Allie Hodgson)

Roofing Project:

Hello everyone today was our 2nd full day serving in Cleveland Ohio. The past days we have been helping repair things such as roofing, gardening, walls, and porches. God has been moving in our hearts already and showing us what it’s like to be his hands and feet to serve the community even if it gets us covered in sweat like Sam (one of our leaders) It has been amazing getting to know the people of Cleveland and the other churches we have been working with. Today during chapel we talked about how Satan hijacks our imagination and thoughts and tries to turn it into worry and stress. Then we talked about how Jesus wants us to give him our all including all that worry. We also appreciated all your prayers and would love you to keep on praying. Overall today has been a great day and we are all having a blast. (Written by Stella Oviatt, Clara Velting, Audri Velting, and Grace Walz)

Ceiling and Flooring Job:

Today was a great day of setbacks but we kept our composure with a little comedy and pushed forward. The setbacks today allowed us to realize that challenges occur while doing any project, but God is good.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the home owners and their generosity towards us in offering to provide us lunch each day! We had a great lunch that they provided today and it was accompanied by much laughter.

Lord, thank you for giving us this opportunity! Amen

(Written by Frank)

Today was another good day capped with some super fun “Olympic” games where crews competed against each other. No, off to bed!!

Posted by Rodney @ 10:45pm