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2022, 78 Missions, Short Term Missions:

78 Madison Missions Thursday Night

Today was another great day! We talked about servant leadership and then immediately got to see those virtues displayed in our young men and women in our serving project. One team removed water tanks (yes 3) from the basement, along with a dryer that died over 3 years ago! More teams did yard work, trimmed bushes, cleared brush, and piled wood!  Many hands made light work, which was rewarded with a quick trip to a local pool (similar to an outdoor MVP).

For our evening closing session, there were many emotions and a deep desire to take the next step, whatever that may be God calling us to do. Is he calling to rebuild ruins? Raise up foundations? Repair broken walls? Restore streets and homes? Our students are quick learners and have been eager to live out what was taught – and although most are super sad to be heading home tomorrow, they are super excited to continue what the Lord has impressed upon their hearts. Compassion.

Our wise Grace recited a CS Lewis quote – “it’s funny how daily nothing changes. But looking back, everything is different.”

These kids are coming home changed. Pray for them as they enter back into family rhythms, tech usage and friend groups. Pray for safe travels home on Friday! We leave about 10 am WI time and get back to church about 5pm, MI time. See you all soon!