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2023, Cyprus:

Cyprus 2023: Day 1

“Are you Mormons?”

This was the question asked by someone on the plane when we shared that our team was on missions to Cyprus.

Isn’t that interesting?

Travel days can be often be seen as the “throw-away” days where the goal is just reaching the destination.

But our goal and destination is to embody Christ and glorify Him through our actions and words. 

Our prayer is that we  demonstrated this today-from our group prayer during check-in at the Grand Rapids airport to our conversations with a missionary couple from MS heading back to Macedonia in Germany to this individual asking if we were Mormons.

Not such a bad travel day. The Lord certainly cleared the path for smooth travels from airport to airport. You would never guess from the photos that we were bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived, and a little nauseated at times. 

But we made it to Cyprus and were welcomed so graciously. Our connections with the director of the Holiday Club/VBS have been over Zoom, and it was lovely getting to meet her in person and celebrate that we were able to find Skittles in the US for this week’s activities with the kids!

Our housing arrangements have already been a blessing to us as we find rest in Him. We look forward to worshipping with our sisters and brothers in Christ at Larnaca  Community Church tomorrow morning.

Thank you again for sojourning with us through prayer as we experience God’s presence this week.