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2023, Cyprus:

Cyprus 2023: Day 2

“Shine your light for the world to see…shine, shine Jesus’ light…”

Our youth are singing and practicing their VBS dance moves for tomorrow as I write this, and it’s humbling to see them prioritize time at the end of a very long day to go through it one more time when they could be relaxing.

It’s been a full day from the rooster crowing nearby at 3:30 am to worshipping in community with Larnaca Community Church to visiting the VBS venue and praying for the children who will arrive tomorrow.

We’ve been told that most of the children are unknown to the church, which provides us all with an incredible opportunity to show them what it means to shine the light of Christ.

During our devotion time tonight, we prayed for a little boy in one of our groups that has special needs and we’re praying that he is able to make it through morning’s activities without feeling overwhelmed. We have two little girls from the Ukraine with language barriers that we pray will feel welcomed and understand that God’s love transcends language.

Lord, use us mightily. Give us supernatural energy and bind the enemy from tempting us in any way that would draw us away from you.