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2023, Cyprus:

Cyprus 2023: Day 3

Sometimes, plans don’t work out as expected.

And sometimes…they work out better than you imagine them in your head.

That’s what happened with Holiday Club/VBS today. This was the first year Larnaca Community Church has been able to host Holiday Club for the community since Covid. They no longer have their own church building, and had to sell many of their children’s ministry supplies. How would it go?

The director shared that we should be tremendously proud of our youth and that they were a wonderful testament to Calvary and Christ. We may be biased, but as group leaders, we had the opportunity to stand back and watch each of out youth use the gifts the Lord has given them, and we were so pleased by their enthusiasm for Christ and their joy in serving with their Cypriot counterparts and these kids.

After a busy morning, we turned around and spent the afternoon serving at the Oasis center that supports refugees here in Cyprus.

It was manual labor. It was hard work. It was hot work. And they did it without grumbling.

This is why we came, and we thank God for providing us what we needed, when we needed it.