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2023, Cyprus:

Cyprus 2023: Day 5

“You look sad. Did you lose something?

And this little boy looked up at me with as though he were carrying the weight of the world and answered, “I know how to shine Jesus’ light, but there are so many people that don’t know Jesus. And they’re going to hell. And I want them to be with Jesus in heaven. How do I shine the light of Jesus big enough for all of them?

This conversation occurred during the first 30 minutes of VBS if it gives you an idea of how God was going to reveal himself today.

Wednesday is is usually the most challenging day in terms of exhaustion, and Josh had asked that we all engage as though it were the first day.

There were so many moments when our team demonstrated the love of Christ to these kids and other volunteers that were tangibly felt:

-Drew and Ethan woke up not feeling great, and you would never have known it by how they pushed through for the kids.

-Lexi was the child whisperer for two little girls that struggled to focus.

-Gracie patiently sat with two kids and let them draw on her when their mother was 40 minutes late picking them up.

-Stacia and Weston managed to hold the attention of both the 4-year-old and 14 year-old with the same games! Like…what? How?

-Abigail’s joy was so infectious that it is felt from across a crowded VBS room!

-Eli, Nathan and Cody were are all in as crew leaders,  and they skipped, jumped and hoppef on one leg to show these kids what it means to rejoice even if they may not feel like it.

-Ayantu’s  level of service unto others is on another level! She has been our trusty navigator in a foreign country, and that is no small feat!

-Kaia worships God with such abandon that she moves others to tears, and you want to know where her hope comes from.

That was all before noon.

This evening we hosted dinner for several special volunteers from Oasis, and they represented several nations, including, Somalia, Brazil, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone.

You have not had a true cultural experience until you’ve had a dance party with the nations! Our contribution to this epic event was the Church Clap, Cupid Shuffle and YMCA! Seeing the kids and adults alike laugh and express love in every language called off an amazing day when the Holy Spirit moved in powerful ways for each of us and as a group.

Thank you, Lord. We don’t always get to experience the impact of our obedience and service, but today, you overwhelmed us in the best way possible.