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2023, Cyprus:

Cyprus 2023: Day 6

Have you wondered what the gospel would look like spelled out in vegetables?

I know…we have, too, but we no longer have to wonder!

This week, we have been leading up to the gospel and good news of Jesus Christ, and we were praying for the Josh and other leaders as they shared the most important story these kids would hear in their entire lives.

But it was delightful to see the snack team carry the theme of the gospel in their presentation. It has not gone unnoticed by the kids. One little girl thanked the snack team for the time they took making the snacks not only taste good, but look good, and she let us know she looks forward to seeing how the day’s theme will be incorporated into the food! It is precious to know that they feel loved even through this simple gesture. 

The volunteers have been encouraged by hearing parents share how their children go home and talk about the joy and laughter they experience in the morning. With some of the children, we wonder if we’re making a meaningful connection, but we just don’t know how each will engage with the truth of the Bible and the love of Jesus. We are asking the kids to trust in God so we need to equally trust that God is working in each of their lives beyond this week.

This afternoon, we visited the Church of Saint Lazarus, which is purported to be built over the second tomb of Lazarus. Josh read the story from the book of John, and it was a surreal feeling to stand (sit) there and know that we serve a God that can raise the dead to life!

We needed that reminder when we faced an unexpected challenge. One of our girls asked why we were experiencing spiritual warfare, but I love that she answered her own question by stating with conviction,  “It’s because the enemy hates what we’re doing here. He hates that we’re proclaiming the gospel.”

Yes and amen.

Tomorrow…on our last day of Holiday Club with the kids, we will shine the light of Jesus all the more brightly and we ask that the Lord give us an extra measure of boldness to provide the answer for the hope we have in Christ.