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2024, Cyprus, Short Term Missions:

Cyprus 2024: Pre-Boarding Prep

This is our last team meeting before takeoff. We’ve been meeting the first Sunday of each month for 5 months now, learning about one another, praying for the people we will serve alongside and getting all details squared away. We know there are always twists and turns that will shape the story of our time in Cyprus.  This morning was a special time of Elder prayer.  Tonight we are packing suitcases with baby items from Widows Ministry and T-shirts donated from a supporter of the team.

Here’s a brief intro to key players:

All4Aid – The organization working with displaced people in various locations.  We will be serving at their location in Larnaca, Cyprus.

(Marv & Dawn – already on the ground in Cyprus, ready to help us adjust to the tasks ahead.)

Sherry – Team leader, excellent organizer, positive and enthusiastic, veteran of Calvary teams.

Jim – husband to Sherry, organized,  diplomatic, trained in Simply the Story storytelling,  and handy at tech and interior painting.

Bob – world traveler, team chef, electrician, driver, handyman.  Also trained in Simply the Story.

Lynnell – Our expert in food and clothes pantry operations.  Lots of people skills and finder of helpful travel items.  First trip across the Atlantic.

Krystal – caretaker of the blog, teacher of swim lessons and preschool Sunday School, Indwelling Church member grateful to be grafted into the Calvary team. 

Prayer Requests:   We are noticing increased busyness and spiritual attacks.  Pray for peace and protection these next 12 days BEFORE we leave.  Pray for personal prayer times to be sweet, a focus of intercession to grip our hearts.  And for DEPARTURE:  Smooth travels to Cyprus on Friday April 19 (or the ability to laugh and be flexible if plans go awry).  Energy to hit the ground running, serving others and glorifying our God.